Tuesday 2 February 2010


15 minutes of official coffee break at 15.00. Painting a layer of watercolors to dry meanwhile. Lay down, close eyes, think of the gentle snowing outside, breath deep.

Open eyes, watch the gentle snowing outside and know the next color to be painted (turquoise). (Don´t mind, just forget, the huge pile of clothes to be put somewhere on the chair.) A coffee with soya milk, cinnamon and cardamom can be enjoyed while painting again. Turn the volume of Ludovico Einaudi a bit higher while snow lands even quicker behind the window. A perfect break of 15 minutes.

How was your coffee break today?

Happy February!


  1. such a lovely photo.
    my coffee break earlier today: put on warm clothes, go out to the closest café, sit there drinking a caffe latte and eating a cookie for fifteen minutes, reading a magazine. then go back to the studio and do some knitting.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful break dear Sandra. I almost hear the tram passing in that beautiful park street by your studio in Göteborg.

  3. ps: a small gift for you from one of my favorite pianists... Alessandra Celletti:


  4. Nice break.
    My tea break à 4pm: vanilla tea with a clementine and home made chocolate cake. Rain sings at the windows and I knit my cardigan. It's peaceful inside.

  5. Mine was fabulous, Anna Emilia!
    And, I love the curtain. :-)

  6. Today my coffee break is in 5 minutes with a friend. Outside bacause the sun is rising and the wheather is hot.
    I will think to you dear Anna Emilia...

  7. Dear Zelda,

    Thank you so much! Lovely to see her playing the keys. Happy about that gift!


    Dear Shokoofeh,

    That is very nice to hear. Your small jubilation looked so pretty!

    The curtains is very old by Marimekko and called "Charles". I think the hen in the pattern is called Charles. A nice hen.


    Dear Anne,

    That sounds like a very quick nice coffee break! It is difficult to think of the spring you are enjoying as here more snow is landing... But I wait to see the spring there and later also here! Thank you for writing Anne once again.


    Have all very nice evening (and then be ready to wait the coffee break to arrive again tomorrow :).

  8. Your (?) room looks so nice and beautiful. I didn´t have a coffee break, we slept long today,had a large breakfast and I had a relaxing afternoon with books, radio drama and other nice things.

  9. It sounds like a very comfortable day dear Mia! Thank you for telling about it. Radio is my good friend too. Good night!