Sunday 16 October 2011


Sunsets, Le Havre, early mornings, print making with cardboard, winter birds on window sills, streets to walk endlessly, Bert Jansch.

On cold sunny evenings that lake monster wakes up. It is changing its form now, like the leaves in trees fly away. To winter fur. It is long like a dragon, such a foreign thought up here in the North. Surrounding the lake, as long as the reflection lasts, drawing its lines. Enjoying the sight, before it will all be covered up in a snow and ice blanket. Still a few rowing boats in the middle or on its edges. Is the lake monster sleeping after all, not caring of the rowers.

Last year, two days ago, the first snow landed.

How was your week?

Kind whispers, warm thoughts to your new week!


  1. I love the way you string your words. My week was absolutely amazing, spending most of my time drinking wine, watching the stars and being with the one I love.

  2. your cardboard prints look very promising and your words - so beautiful! my week - i tried to calm down things a bit in my life to learn to enjoy it more (looks like is was on a hurry for a while now) but i think i have to work very hard on this one... you seem to be such a good teacher in these things.

  3. It's about time I let you know how wonderful I think your paintings are!

    Beautiful words, too.

  4. Love to see your print work, Anna Emilia! :)
    My days are occupied with studying but I am enjoying the first breezes of this autumn.

    Have a nice day, full of cinnamon smell. xo

  5. the snow has not said hello here yet
    but everything is covered with frost in the mornings now...a beautiful sight! days have been bright and sunny, soaking it in before entering the "darker" months.
    your posts always uplifts anna emilia, both by your photos, work and words : )

    may your new week be
    filled with moments of
    autumn beauty,

  6. i love snow :o)
    and your beautiful, beautiful artwork!

    enjoy the season x

  7. As always, beautiful pictures and just as beutiful words. Loving your posts :)

  8. gorgeous flowers. and i'm longing for cool shrouded days here in california...

  9. Hey sweet lady...I always feel calm when I visit your World...Life is CRAZY busy right now...I'm organising a Shopping Show with 60 artisans, and then both my girls have colds...Art classes I am teaching on Saturdays...Dance I am taking on Mondays....I couldn't be busier.
    Love your post...and your cardboard stamps...

  10. hi :)

    there is a warmth coupled with winds our way (Montenegro). it is unsettling. i don't mind being unsettled.

  11. your work always calms me, as your words weave their way into my heart and bring a small smile my face.

  12. L'aquarelle est magnifique...

  13. As a child in Alaska, we often had the first snow around this time. Always magical, the first.

    Have a wonderful week!

  14. What a beautiful sunset picture. And you have just reminded me that I haven't listened to Bert Jansch in a very long time. I used to listen to him in another city, when I went to work on a bus, bundled up in a scarf and heavy coat, and everyone was quiet and sleepy.

  15. You have such a way with words. Happy wednesday to you too!

  16. Hello Anna Emilia :)
    Haven't been there for a while, it's nice to see you're still there painting your dreamy flowers. We have just hung your print on the wall, here in our new flat in Paris. We love it :) Have a lovely end of week!

  17. Le Havre! Wonderful film. We premiered the film in Lithuania. Films like this keep the you warm, but soon we will not see any films like this anymore.

  18. Your flowers are so delicate and touching.

    Lorraine :-}

  19. frosty and warming at the same time.

  20. Dear Tabitha,
    It sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed. Many more to come, I wish for you!

    Dear Anna,
    Just a little while ago I found the beautiful packaging of your necklace in one of the boxes where I keep old letters. I still adore it all. It is a funny thing - being busy usually does not help (at least me). Just when I remember to start to breath again it all comes a little better (: Hopefully in you life too!

    Dear Quiet Days,
    Thank you for writing your kind words and saying hello. Hello to you too (: I like your name.

    Dear Shokoofeh,
    Ah, enjoy your studies! The print making is also a lot about learning to me. Seems to be such a huge field to discover. Warm thoughts to you!

    Dear Vibeke,
    It seems that here in Finland we are a bit late to the winter as even New York had its first snow already. But there is time to enjoy the snow I am sure. Now I am happy to ride my bicycle and see the yellow leaves that are still around. Have a good week!

    Dear Weight of Dreams,
    Happy to hear that! (:

    Dear 森,
    Me too (:

    Dear Yeti,
    Thank you for coming here again and for being so kind (:

    Dear Katrina,
    Thank you! Also I still wait to change to a winter jacket and boots.

    Dear Char,
    Even busy, your life sounds sweet (not the girls being sick though). Enjoy the dancing part and hugs and honey to your girls!

    Dear Monica,
    Hello! That sounds lovely. Happy to have you here!

    Dear Kitchu,
    Smiles back to you.

    Dear Alma,

    Dear Lecia,
    It is, the first snow. So fragile and beautiful, like stopping everything else and making it also so silent. What a huge field of pumpkins you have visited. Have a good last of October!

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you, so are you!

    Dear Samantha,
    Such a sweet memory about listening to Bert Jansch. I will try that next time that I travel by train.

    Dear Amanda,
    Happy Monday to you sweet girl!

    Dear Flora,
    Good to hear from you again, lovely to get your greetings from Paris!

    Dear Anonymous,
    It was such a warm little movie. Hopefully there will be more of that good will.

    Dear Lorraine,
    Thank you so much! (:

    Dear World Tour Stories,
    Thank you (: