Wednesday 26 October 2011


During the weekend a small visitor took care of me. He took me around the lake, every step in yellow leaves. We barked to the small and waved tails to the big ones crossing our paths.

This autumn is the same time very busy and very slow. A lot is happening, the same time there are moments to breath deeply while napping. The town seems to be like that too when its inhabitants collect things and prepare everything for winter. Still no snow clouds in sight. Many candle lights.

Do you owe something to someone? I do. A hug to a friend. Who sent me tea from Iceland.

To you all, hearts.


  1. your little friend is adorable!

    warmest autumn hugs to both of you xx

  2. Hug to you too (and a few wet kisses from my friend if I can read his mind).

  3. an instant fave on flickr.
    i totally agree - your little fellow is so very cute :)

  4. What a sweet little visitor you had!

  5. Happy if you like it Patrice (:

  6. Aw, that dog is so precious. I wish I had a pet ;__;

  7. He is (: Maybe you could also help a friend or a relative once in a while to look after or take out her/his dog or other animal. Or just to visit them to get the pleasure of patting.

    Have a good new week!