Thursday 14 October 2010


Windy and stormy. Cold hands. First snow. Just lovely.


  1. wow first snow is always the most beautiful one!

  2. amazing. here in reykjavik october has been too warm - i have been wearing a t-shirt even twice in the past week! i am wishing for snow - the crunch of it - and wanting that sharpness of air so cold it snaps...

  3. Dear Shokoofeh,

    This surprised me a bit. Or actually I did not believe in it. I was not waiting for it at that moment to arrive. But I was very happy to meet it (:


    Dear Sandra,

    That has to be the branch of an oak tree sweeping also your windows in the strong wind. Will listen to it while sleeping, I am sure!


    Dear Geneviéve,

    That sounds a bit funny. A t-shirt ad Reykjavík and October. But I can believe it. Enjoy it, there is coming the month of November next (:


    Dear La Casita,

    They were huge and wet, we call them "kitchen towels". Kitchen towels of lace this time.

    Good night!

  4. I want to see the snow! I never touch it :)
    good night, sweet dreams

  5. The first snow, oh how lovely! It's not nearly cold enough yet where I live for that, I am a little jealous of you.

    Such pretty colors in your photo, you look nice and cozy. :)

  6. so lovely this picture. Here autumn is comming finally, i love the sunlight in autumn, the colors of the leaves, the smell of autumn, it is my favorite season. Maybe it is my favorite season because is was born in autumn : )

    Hope you have a nice day

  7. Dear Mr. Spoqui, all the siblings,

    Thank you, my dreams were very good. Actually I met there my old teacher and one cat. Maybe a time to send my teacher a postcard? And to think about all the cats I met the last years.

    It is very cold the snow, don´t touch it too long (:

    Happy weekend!


    Dear Maggie,

    The snow has gone already, but they promised it will be a very cold winter ahead, so also a lot of snow ahead. Patiently waiting and knitting in the meanwhile.

    It is good to feel cozy, like now here drinking my tea and sending you my best wishes Maggie! Smiling!


    Dear Lotte,

    I have had a nice day thank you! And yet it is not finished, time to knit. Happy birthday autumn child when ever your birthday is!

    Happy weekend!

  8. Lovely photos again!
    No snow in Helsinki yet, but red noses and cold fingers.

  9. Oh, I'm jealous. But lucky you!

  10. Oh, nice - a little bit like your graphics that I hold in veneration.
    In january, february and march this year we had so much snow in hamburg/germany. All over the gras and branches...the town. First time that I had no melancholy attac because of the beauty.
    Hope your fingers are warm enough to design ;-)

  11. Dear Anna Emilia, I discovered you thanks to "my18stripes" blog... I appreciate your work very much and today, I leave a comment to thank you for all that beauty you share with us and for sharing this snow. Here in France, today, it is getting colder, rain and foggy. Snow will come much later.

  12. you captured the ground beautifully! i'm so excited for some winter weather.

    xo Alison

  13. Brrrr...and I know it's coming soon to us here in Canada.
    It is very pretty though and I love the quietness which it brings.
    Anna-I have a little GIVEAWAY going on on my may like to enter!

  14. first dances flakes, raw cast iron crystals in your hand .. I love the snow

  15. Thank you dear Pirkko!

    Greetings to Helsinki from also red noses and cold fingers and toes.

    Dear Sara,

    Best cure is hot cups of tea and when the tea is finished, wrap hands around a heater for a few moments.

    Monday greetings!

    Dear Ariane,

    Happy that you got also snow. Let´s hope it covers everything again this year.

    Hands are always kept warm here. Around a tea cup! (:

    Dear Brooke,

    One more layer of clothes is keeping me warm! And the hat that I finally finished knitting yesterday. Time to try it today outside.

    Stay warm you too!

    Dear Christiane,

    Thank you for coming here! Happy about that!

    The snow was just a very short visit of winter for now, it took steps backwards, but hopefully comes soon again for a longer stay.

    Enjoy the colder days in France, and stay warm and dry!

    Dear CIara,

    Happy if you like it!

    Dear Alison,

    We can wait that together!

    Have a good day!

    Dear Char,

    Please stay warm and enjoy the coldness by doing things that you like.

    Hugs back to Canada!

    Dear Sandra,

    These snow flakes were very big though their appearance was very short. Waiting more, sending you good wishes.