Wednesday 29 September 2010


Rattle of fallen leaves in the wind. Bicycle tire banging into footpath, dark grey asphalt with sand here and there. Traffic lights peeping. Warm hug of a friend and a smile welcoming. Coffee house door opening, closing and opening again with a little sound of a humble bell. Hot drinks outdoors, café owner comes to wrap us to blankets like her own children. Spoons circling around inside the cups. Passer-bys with strong taps or lighter thumps. A boy like dancing with his school bag, a light soul, no homework.

Back to home in wind, meetings of other bicycles, red, black, grey ones on the way. Breaks of the bus number 15 make familiar rhythm in crossroads. Like the game that I played when I was smaller, always going home, eyes closed in a car, guessing in which curve we are.

Home, paper rattles, pencil lines. Water boiling. Knife cutting apples. Evening walk, sun is silent, vegetation is silent, turning yellow red purple pink. Only a few lost bees clattering inside bushes and crows cawing on lamp posts showing their area. Bowing deep, like doormen with fine top hats.

Bows and curtseys, happy morning!


  1. what beautiful Autumn pictures Anna Emilia, I adore colour of the leaves in the last one...Have a good day

  2. oh i was there - the sounds - you brought me right there! beautiful afternoon!

    and i remember when i was a little one in a car on the way home, i would lightly hold a pencil over paper, letting my hand move this way and that with the car movements, trying to draw a map by movement of the familiar path home. :)

    happy morning to you too!

  3. Nice to hear from you, and so sweet to invite for a cup of tea! What a wonderful way to start the day :)

    I must say it again, your work is really amazing. I like how you reflect nature, your lines and patterns, the colors.

    I might just pop in for a tea another day as well!

    Lena, Konfettiform.

  4. So beautiful, I love your words.

  5. I still love what your write... You are a real poet...
    Beautiful pictures of your autumn.

  6. Beautiful pictures and words. My favorites are the circling spoons and dancing light-souled boy. Happy autumn!

  7. Autumn has such a very special and magical touch. Just like your pictures show it seems to say 'fall into my arms, and feel comfortable in my house of coloured leaves'.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, dear Anna Emilia!

  8. Lovely and poetic...

  9. the feather shot is so beautiful...

  10. Your home looks so magical! Such beautiful Autumn light and colors, it reminds me why Fall is my favorite season. The last photo especially--how I'd love to walk down that little lane under those glowing orange leaves.

  11. lovely autumn pictures- reading your words, i could be right there!

  12. I'm not one to close your eyes and try to guess where we are on familiar roads ... but shhh! I play it again;)

  13. Thank you dear Maria.

    It will hopefully last still a bit longer, even though last year this time I already wore my winter jacket!

    Happy waiting for the spring and more days to wear your sandals!

    Oh how nice that map has to have been dear girl in Paris (:

    Rustle of yellow leaves to you.

    Dear Lena,

    You are welcome anytime. And oh, there is a new pot of hot tea ready again (;

    Thank you dear little L!

    Glad to have you here.

    Thank you so much dear Anne.

    Lovely to know that there is someone who also waits for the winter to arrive.

    Dear Amy,

    Happyy autumn to you too!

    Dear Sabine,

    It is there in full bloom, outside, that autumn. I will go to meet it very soon for a long bicycle ride.

    Have a good day you too!

    Dear Deleilan,

    Happy if you enjoyed!

    Dear Elisabelle,

    Some secret messages that is, I am sure.

    Dear Maggie,

    These small houses are my neighbors, I do enjoy to look at them so much. Today there is some smoke coming from one chimney. Someone has to be collecting the last of the apple harvest.

    Dear Melissa,

    That sounds lovely, it would be nice to drink a cup of tea together. You embroidering and me painting afterwards.

    Dear Arrosoir,

    I play it again too soon (: