Friday 3 September 2010


Good morning dear all of you,

Wind is making somersaults and blowing in cold whispers. Light has vanished from early mornings. The first layer of yellow leaves is softening steps on afternoon walks. Evenings come with a candle light.

My book, Proof of Winter is added to the shop. “I started to battle against winter because I wanted to be friends with it. ...As preparation I cut a wind-proof haircut. Wherever it would blow from now, my hair would not be on my face.” More pictures of the book in my Flickr.

Have a small walk in the forest and find to my small tearoom. Have a cup of tea and enjoy the landscape and the warmth of firewood with me. Have a good September, have a happy weekend!


  1. I love your" Proof of winter", your text touches me and your pictures are beautiful. Have a nice week end, dear Anna and have nices walks in the forest.

  2. I could not miss this invitation in this magical place, the smell of tea and wood, the freshness of this corner, the carpet on the stairs ... I would teleport myself ...
    The book is ordered, I would have a bit of your winter ...
    Of happiness powder around a steaming tea for your weekend!

  3. Would love to spend some winter time at such a place...Yor blog is simply beautiful.
    (By the way, I have just posted some lines about this drawing in my blog)

  4. This really is magical, Anna Emilia. I would like to share a cup of tea with you there. I would be extra careful not to scuff the under part of the table as it is my favorite part of the entire room. Carolina

  5. i like what you say about befriending the cold season with a "wind-proof haircut". i have cut all my hair off as well - last autumn - and i realize how much more kindly it makes me feel about the days when the wind blows savagely off the north atlantic and the rain comes down all around me. this was always a horrible thing and i would hide from it. not anymore. winter is much more lovely now.


  6. I love your book! So nicely done. The tearoom is also so very special. These both make me happy about the upcoming seasons.

  7. This is so gorgeous! I love it. :) I'm so glad i found your blog!


  8. oo, hienolta näyttää kirja, ja tuo teehuone on niin kaunis. olisiko se joskus printti ja myynnissä? onnea! ja toivottavasti syyskuu ois vielä vähän enemmän syyskuisempi eikä niin lokakuinen. vaikka lokakuukin on kiva.

  9. what a lovely tearoom : )
    have a good weekend anna!


  10. Hello you, my dear friend.
    This painting is so lovely. And I totally loved your words from your book about your haircut, simply adorable.

    These days are truly good. And I am happy that I am a reader of this blog.

    Sip your tea, dear. I do as well.

  11. oi kun anna! tämä on ihana postaus. kauniita sanoja sinulla on aina. jos haluan lukea ja katsoa jotain erittäin kaunista, tulen tänne. toivon sinulle ihanaa syksyä ja kaikkea hyvää, niinkuin aina. :)

  12. hello .... i am introducing myself to all my favourite bloggers... i have been looking into your lives and your travels and your dinner tables and your hearts and your gardens and your art for a while now... thought that i needed to share mine too!

  13. oh this is lovely! the drawing and the book. great :)

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  16. Dear Anne,

    Thank you so much! Waiting to see your winter story eagerly. Very eagerly (:

    Dear Arrosoir,

    Happy to have you here in a small forest tea corner with me (:

    Dear Uma,

    Thank you so much! Glad that you visited me and took a small memory of it with you.

    Dear Carolina,

    That part of the table is kept carefully for you dear Carolina (:

    Dear Geneviève,

    That is lovely to hear. Take care (and enjoy) those North Atlantic winds and the stories they whisper to your ears.

    Dear Marina,

    Hopefully you have woolen socks ready for all of you. Also for the tiny four-legged one. Smiles.

    Dear Jenipher,

    Your visit makes me glad too. Thank you for coming by!

    Hei kiltti Hanna,

    Kiitos! Teehuone voisi ollakin piakkoin myynnissä! Kerron siitä sitten.

    Pimeys on yllättänyt tosiaan, ja kylmyys mutta nyt on onneksi ainakin täällä vähän lämpöisempää. Onnellisia tepasteluja ja kodinrakennuspuuhasteluja!

    Dear Emma,

    Thank you very much!

    Dear Lotte,

    Please step in! (:

    Dearest Shokoofeh,

    Happy to have this afternoon tea with you (:


    Voi Jenna kultainen,

    Hyvää matkaa, tai siis tervetuloa Jyväskylään, kunpa toiveesi toteutuisi ja pääsisit tänne pian!

    Dear Jasmin,

    So happy about your introduction! See you around.

    Dear Char,


    Dear Irene,

    Thank you so much. (And have a cup of tea on your way.)

    Dear Katy,

    Thank you! We will meet there every day at 15.00 for a while (:

    Dear Mr. Spoqui,

    That was very well spotted, thank you! It is my Garden House painting indeed. There are many talented people´s pictures and writings inside those covers.

    Thank you for walking by the forest tearoom, see you here again! (:

  17. I discover your blog and I fall in admiration of your forest tea room ! Could I come with my tea of hammam ?

  18. That would be my pleasure dear Alexandra. Hammam sounds just perfect for this Saturday.