Tuesday 24 August 2010


Good morning dear all of you,

This morning is very cold. Nose is frozen. Autumn is for walks with a hot cup of coffee or tea in hands. With my dear friend we have done that a lot the last years, in different countries with wonderful views on the way. Cats, birds, trees, ponds, parks, forests, hills, sleeping beaches snoring. Villages, gardens, farms, business streets. Dogs and markets. Always sketchbooks in our bags with some provisions. To walk I could forever.

These pictures are from Reykjavík in 2006. A bright orange coffee house was our living room, hot pots with old men boiling in them like soups in the swimming pools for the evenings or early mornings.

Maybe I am a bit too early with the autumn, it is still August. At least two layers of long sleeves can be finally tried on in the early mornings. The sky is also changing its palette to a bit colder tones.

Have a walk, a long one today!


Anna Emilia


  1. the veil of light on this pair of ducks is romantic greeting:)
    it's nice to share rides creative...

  2. oh lovely, anna emilia. i just love reading your words and looking at your pictures.

  3. such a lovely light in these photos.

  4. I'm in love with the last picture... it seems like there is a love story is going on between those two ducks. :)

    you make me wish I could visit Reykjavik...

  5. I adore the last pictures, with that light framing the birds with colors. It's quite magical.

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  7. Wonderful photos, Anna Emilia! :)
    Oh and you don't know how much I am waiting for autumn!


  8. Okay, you have inspired me. I'm going out for a walk. Bye.

  9. on aina niin kiva käydä täällä. näissä kuvissa on hyvä syksy, tulee mieleen kaikki hajut ja sellainen kirpakkuus. voi että. kyllä se aurinko silti saa vielä lämmittää. nyt menen katsomaan ulos pimenevää iltaa. mukavaa sellasta annalle!

  10. If autumn is arriving, winter isn't far away...
    Thinks from here still in summer but my head, always, is with winter.
    And I'm reading this book : Winter in Montana by Rick Bass.
    have a nice week, Anne

  11. Dear Arrosoir,

    This path by the pond "Tjörnin" is very nice walk, wether it is windy, rainy, snowy, sunny or cloudy, the ducks accompany your journey. For one winter and one summer this was the way to my home.

    Happy to have you with me for a few steps!

    Dear Irene,

    So glad to have you here.

    A silent Monday has began at my grandparents´ place, greetings to you from our autumn!

    Dear Natalie,

    A lot of light to your days!

    Dear Diana,

    Might be that they have been together for a long bird´s life already (:

    Wishing you the possibility to go there one day!

    Dear Mary-Laure,

    Happy that you like it, thank you for writing it down!

    Have a good new week!

    Dear Duermevela,

    Thank you!

    Dear MaCalamity,

    Happy to hear so! It is more present here in the East, where I am visiting my parents and grandparents at the moment, just about to go to fetch the day mail with a bike from the next crossroad.

    Colorful leaves to you!

    Dear Mr. Spoqui,

    Thank you! Have a nice walk you too very soon with your family!

    Dear Shokoofeh,

    Happy that you are waiting it too, cannot wait to see your surroundings turning to autumn through your pictures (:

    Dear Denise,

    Lovely! Hopefully you had a very nice one! And go for another one soon again (:

    Heippa Hanna kultainen,

    Kiitos, kun vierailet ja kirjoitat. Kuuraisia aamuja täällä odottelen mummolan vanhassa talossa, vaan taitaa vielä niitä joutua odottelemaan. Mutta sitten kävellään taas kuumat mukit kädessä! Mukavia hetkiä etelään!

    Dear Anne,

    Happy to see you here again! This summer was so magical, that I almost had to forget winter. But now I am already waiting for it a bit. Enjoy reading!

    Have a good week you too!