Thursday 5 August 2010


Waves, hills, open skies. Driftwood, high tides, hay in the sea. Small stones swinging in the waves on the shore of white sand. Black summer nights. A bit of holiday memories of this Thursday when it starts to smell slightly like autumn. Evenings are more silent and I started to knit again one old pile of black thread.

It was very stormy yesterday. The night before the bedroom was lighten by lightnings. I stared to think that the house is by a lighthouse and the light comes from its tower.

"Isn´t it hard to pedal in this wind?" asked the lady with beautiful deep voice in her flower shop yesterday as I put the Lavender, Mums and Houseleek that I bought from her to my bicycle. It was downhill all the way home, a downhill with a lavender scent.

Happy weekend dear all of you with long walks, reading and baking!

P.S. Thank you dearly for mentioning my work on your blogs, for your written words and your purchases (I am packing them as soon as I have had a lunch on the balcony next to the lavender).


  1. oh such great words...I love to read your thoughtful posts dear Anna Emilia...
    I wanted to share something with you as you wrote about Lavender and as you are a big tea lover too...My aunty sewed little, flat lavender bags, not bigger than a pocket last year..and when you put on a hot teapot you are surrounded by the wonderful smell of lavender...
    Have a wonderful weekend you too....

  2. oh your descriptions sound so nice, i can really feel how autumn slightly comes to finland. and i love your black and white drawings, too. i'll start baking today in the afternoon: a blueberry lemon cake.

  3. Your work is stunning. My eyes just stared at the images on my monitor. I am still sitting here in a stupor. Beautiful new work, Anna Emilia. I really enjoyed seeing it. Carolina

  4. I just love your descriptions. I felt like I was on the bike coasting downhill with lavender wafting around me. sigh

    Lovely illustrations!

    And the idea for the lavender bags from the above comment sounds incredible. I must try that!

  5. I just adore your top drawing. The thought of riding downhill with a basket of lavender creates such beautiful images and scents.

  6. Hmm, that sounds very good idea with the lavender dear Maria, I will try it soon! Greetings to your dear aunty! There is a small bag of dried lavender under my pillow, the dreams become violet like that.

    Hugs to crispy cool Sydney!


    Dear Irene,

    That blueberry lemon cake has to taste very good, I will keep it in my mind for the coming weekends!


    Dear Carolina,

    Thank you so much for your words! I became so happy when reading them!

    Happy weekend!


    Happy about that dear Jacilyn!

    Let´s try the lavender bags indeed.


    Hello dear Lotte,

    Your plants are so pretty in your pictures!


    Dear Denise,

    Thank you, happy that you could join my ride! Be well!

  7. Love lighthouses and your drawings with flowers and grass! : )

  8. after your passing, passers must smell the lavender and looking around:)

  9. Not that many people were walking on the street that time of the day, but still there were a few (: