Sunday 22 August 2010


Surprised by someone from childhood. An old neighbor of a neighbor of a neighbor of a neighbor said hello on Friday. I did not recognize him, but he recognized me. To think about it, I probably look exactly the same as 15-20 years ago. They were three boys and one girl, a crippled crow was their pet, we raced bikes on the sandy roads and ate tens of cinnamon buns as our parents were talking about things in our small village. Days were always sunny.

Reading by the lake of Pyhäjärvi, yesterday being surprised by another friend by accident. Unplanned tea in the arboretum, bicycling under clouds, eating in a house where leaves covered one of the high walls outdoors.

An allotment house for rainy seasons. An end of summer bracelet of clovers and other grass plants tied under a birch tree on another Sunday.

More clothes to be wrapped inside for todays tea under the windy birch tree, accompanied with knitting needles and sketch book.

Have a warm Sunday dear all of you!


  1. ohhh how beautiful this all is =]

  2. This is an especially lovely post. Such enjoyable words and your little bracelet looks like a tiny wreath. A wonderful way to start my Sunday. Thank you and enjoy your knitting in the breeze.

  3. ahahah :D these meetings are always memorable, even if an oversight originates them,

    have a warm sunday too!
    best wishes

  4. the grass bracelet makes me so happy!

  5. It is always such a wonderful, nurturing treat to come and visit you here. So glad I found you!

  6. Your end of the summer bracelet is magical. Carolina

  7. "Clothilde lived in a house on stilts in a lake, surrounded by deep forest. She had left it to wind, rain, birds and insects to color her house, leaving small bowl at the foot of pigment the facade. had a season is enough. every day, after a long robe of raw cotton, she would sit at the water's edge and in the light of daybreak make pretty bracelets herbs. she never tired observed between two lines of readings sunlight him sparks between the branches of trees with the pure lake accomplice ... "nice day to you

  8. What sweet little images...especially the little wreath. I hope you had a nice weekend too.

  9. I discovered your blog, this morning, it is lovely and brightens my day!

  10. Such a fortuitous weekend! Lovely sunlight in your hand & a charming treehouse.

  11. so nice to meet you, love your blog :-)

  12. Dear Lulu,

    Happy that you think so (:

    Dear Jill,

    Thank you for your kind words! Hopefully your Sunday and also this Tuesday is a good one.

    Dear Mr. Spoqui,

    It was funny, as we were so small last time when we see each others.

    Have a happy Tuesday!

    Happy to know that dear Karen!

    Dear Ciara,

    So happy too that you found me (: A pleasure to have you here visiting! Have a nice seat and a cup of tea next to me please (:

    Thank you dear Carolina!

    Oh dear Arrosoir,

    What a beautiful piece of text! Thank you so much!

    Dear Indie Tea,

    Thank you very much! Happy Tuesday!

    Dear Filamental,

    Happy that you walked by my small weather diary! Eye winks to you for this Tuesday!

    Dear Nina,

    Thank you!

    Thank you kindly dear Marina! Hopefully the sun is visiting you as I cannot see him today anymore.

    Oh thank you dear Renilde! I love your work/blog too, the story about Cottingley fairies was a nice morning story for today.

    Happy new week dear all of you!

  13. these creations are absolutely perfect! that bracelet of wound greens is a treasure. and I also love your photos in the more recent post from iceland, they have made me feel nostalgic and calm this morning. thank you.

  14. Thank you kindly dear Sarah! Happy that you came for a short visit here.

  15. hello anna emilia i love your blog you are so talented, i made a post on my blog about your work. hope it's ok with u. have a wonderful week, noa.