Wednesday 5 March 2014


On Friday evening the blackbirds were singing. On Saturday it was sunny. On Sunday it snowed. Behind our windows, someone was sewing a dress.

The pink and the rose curtains. The slowly waving shadows of trees. Friends 

The saltiness of the sea, the comfort of the sound of round pebbles.

Those little moments when you just listen and watch and see the history around.

The people, their houses and the fences. Their mail and the ones who would like to read it too.

Waking up in the sounds of snow, making the city so silent. Pancakes for breakfast.

Some familiar patterns.

On the way to a museum, the best pink and yellow art is seen.

Out from the museum, the best lime green art is seen.


Behind the sea I feel always so well.

Have a beautiful March!

(Last photo by Paula.)


  1. nádhera !
    hlavně ty schránky !

  2. (:

    Yes, I sleep in them at the moment, they are my design (: Soon I will tell about them here also.

    Happy that you saw them and recognised my work!

  3. What a wonderful story - both in words and photos! I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. There's some magic and romance in everything you show us and in the way you write about it! This blue-pink post is so tender!:) I love the green house! And the photo with the sewing woman... And especially the one with the snowy street. Is this a church door open there?
    I'm curious to see how March is going to change your place!:)

    1. Thank you dearly Rossichka!

      I am sure this March will change the landscapes a few times, with some snow probably already next week. We´ll see how the winds will turn.

      The door there is not a church door I think. Need to check it better next time (:

  4. so lovely seeing a different place in the world. :)

    1. Happy to hear that! Greetings to your corner of the world!

  5. Looks lovely!
    Happy March to you too :)

  6. Fantastic photographs!! With a good feeling.

  7. so pleasant atmosphere is felt from photos and your words ♥

  8. Lovely to hear! Thank you so much!

    There is still one Leaf Sprout -print left, I used it in the photo shoot so it has some minor marks from tape on the backside, but from the front it is perfect. If you are interested, please write to my email address, you find it here: and we can talk more about the details (:

  9. Really beautiful pictures! They provide an enticing glimpse into a totally different world from where I am! (heat, air so moist you'd think you can squeeze it out, banana trees bursting out of everywhere, frangiapani flowers littering the lawn...)

    1. Oh, I wish I could see that kind of place one day!

      Enjoy those fresh bananas for me too and hopefully you find a nice cooling pond to swim.