Sunday 23 February 2014


The light tickles green little spots to wake up while the first spring storm hums outside. Plans about summer plants, voyages, a pot of green tea and a pile of newspapers.

1. A little interview on The Epoch Times.
2. Scandinavian Dreams by Carrie.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I like your style - of drawing, of writing and composing photos! Your world is always attracting and beautiful - no matter freezing, bursting in colours , silent or shining... It was a real pleasure to learn more about you and to see your wonderful cards!
    Happy Spring, Anna Emilia! (Is a trip to Bulgaria in your summer plans?:) )

  2. Oh, love the colors in all three photo's. Lovely. I can almost feel Spring... :)

  3. Lovely - can't wait for Spring!
    Have a happy Tuesday over there!

  4. Yep, spring is finally coming! I´m so touched by the colours of your shots. :) Have a nice morning. With love, Lau On The Tree