Wednesday 3 April 2013


Around fields and through forests. On a frozen lake. The place where the first Coltsfoot would appear. Someone who had send pine seeds by wind to the skiing path. Someone who had done other kind of paths by jumping. Over little hills and down again.

A little weekend trip by train to the East with blue sky.

Today on my way back home, a blackbird was singing in a forest.

Happy April, happy spring!


  1. Oh this post made me think of "the Lovers of the Arctic Circle".

    Happy April!

    1. Oh Indra, thank you, I never heard of this movie! It is funny, there the characters are Otto and Ana. I happen to know one Otto and whenever we meet, he says the same thing: "We have something in common", meaning our names.

      Hope to find that movie soon.

      Greetings to Frankfurt!

  2. Sigh. This makes me so homesick. Such a different magical world. Happy Spring though.