Wednesday 31 August 2011


Stretching while a green layer of turquoise watercolor is drying.

"Thank you to postman!", wrote dear L. to that letter. With a photo by Pyhäjärvi lake while she was here, sent from St. Petersburg. (It is a good addition to my rowing boat collection.) We had glasses of good cold apple lemonade when the weather was still very warm, a promenade and talks about bicycling in a city, of radio programs and libraries.

Evening sun, coloring the sky to a drama. Towers of this city grow twice in height on a specific calmness of the lake. While I keep on solving mysteries on pages of a book.

Thank you to all, so much, who have ordered the Tree House print, or any other, or asked about original paintings or bought them. Everything will be packed and shipped during the next week!

Good-bye summer, was a pleasure to have you here so warm and so sunny. Welcome autumn of yellow, orange, red and violet. I have missed you with the wind, fresh air and sounds of raindrops. Please keep us gently in your arms.

P.s. The postman usually comes very late, irregularly, on Fridays very early. Has long hair and writes nice notes if the letter or parcel does not fit into the mailbox. With a bright blue pen. Obviously against his hand as the note is always wrinkled. Has the same name of one of my dearest friends.

Thursday 25 August 2011


In the morning behind windows was a (soya) milk colored curtain hanging from the sky. Thick, but sun rays still tickling through it. Slowly the curtain of mist moved, disappeared. A curtain making everything invisible, secret and soundless. No wind in its hems. A sunny day appeared. Clouds appeared to the sunny day. Half sunny, half cloudy. Now mostly clouds that still leave very fragile shadows.

Meadow Playing, another painting from spring time done for Sessun. It can be found on Sessun Songs Collection II. Meadow Picnic can be seen here. They are announcing that the summer is gone soon. Better to find knitting needles ready, though on my watercolor paper still summer colors do happen!

Soft brush strokes of green to your Thursday!

Sunday 21 August 2011


Hello dear all,

Hedgehogs and rabbits meet during dusk. Just when the air starts to turn colder, when the air is filled with apple tree scents and grass. They accompany bicycle journeys and walks. Silent snuffling friends.

On Friday I saw a friend painting a portrait of a rabbit, today I painted one too. How wonderful to see other person´s hands working over a big paper, with so secure and smooth quick moves, simple color mixtures. Especially, when I could only sit and watch. Enjoy.

As so many have asked about the Tree House painting, (thank you for liking it!) I decided to make it to a print. You can pre-order it here, it will be shipped starting from the 5th of September. A few other sold out prints will also be back in the shop. They will be shipped from the 5th of September as well. (Prints available at the moment will be shipped in 5 business days as usually if ordered alone, otherwise from the 5th of September.)

Sundays are for jazz. Watching hot air balloons over the lake floating in the sky towards sunset. Reading a bit from here and there. Stretching. And a few brush strokes.

You are all so precious. Thank you for all your kind words.

Have a calm Sunday and a good beginning for a new week.

Wednesday 17 August 2011


A slow afternoon walk in the heat of yesterday was filled with surprises. Almost as high as apple trees, sunflowers were bowing their heads in the wind for two crows. "Good day!" I almost heard them saying to each others before continuing their things. Flying and occupying the lampposts or just swaying in the wind. A meadow filled with dancing poppies had appeared on the way to the allotment garden. Sounds of a bicycler, watching the rainclouds coming.

A lot of good music during the weekend. First in the harbor, in sunset surrounded by old boats. Then in Helsinki where a nostalgic autumn wind and sea scent took care of me. Thanks all dears who were there and the ones who said hi. Hi!

Where will the afternoon walk of today take me? What have you seen on your way lately?


P.s. This is becoming all the time a little bit more finished. Good boys!

Friday 12 August 2011


Late evenings are dark already. Stars appear to shine in the ceiling of that black. Like friends, appearing after a long time. There have been good evenings sitting under their twinkle.

More layers to wear on those late evenings. Maybe this small Tree House could be a place to stay and gaze above. Through leaves and jasmine flowers the stars would wave. A custom painting which flew over The North Atlantic Ocean.

Oceans, what lies in their bottoms? Under-water mountains, like the longest mountain range. Maybe some messages in bottles. Dropped shoes and cameras. Homes of animals and plants that we won´t see. A lot to dream about with mystical colors. A lot to protect on our beautiful Earth.

Mellow weekend greetings to you, stay well.

P.s. Tree House is now available as a print for pre-order, here.

Thursday 4 August 2011


Morning tea with stretching. The sun rising slowly. Colder air through windows, it really is August when the warmer moments have left for the night, but come later in the morning. The color green is accompanied with still shyly hiding yellow. Fruits in rowan trees are turning from yellow to brighter orange, to red. Rose hips too. Evening walks are slowly turned off to darker landscapes. Birds go to bed early.

Tea for Five, an illustration for Kinfolk magazine. Words by Catherine Searle Williams. Thank you everyone for having me. Thank you everyone who have come here through Kinfolk, and written to me.

Morning train is passing by somewhere far. The town is waking up slowly. Time for another cup.

Have a good Thursday.

Tuesday 2 August 2011


From strawberry bushes to blueberry bushes. To raspberry bushes. Drying leaves for tea. Own onions, herbs. Freezer filled also with mushrooms. Always in between a morning or an evening swim. Small trips by boat or a kayak. A water bird diving under while paddling. This morning a rooster sang the morning melodies from the other side of the lake. Hello August!

P.s. Dear L, was so lovely to meet you & have that warm promenade. Hopefully soon again!