Wednesday 31 August 2011


Stretching while a green layer of turquoise watercolor is drying.

"Thank you to postman!", wrote dear L. to that letter. With a photo by Pyhäjärvi lake while she was here, sent from St. Petersburg. (It is a good addition to my rowing boat collection.) We had glasses of good cold apple lemonade when the weather was still very warm, a promenade and talks about bicycling in a city, of radio programs and libraries.

Evening sun, coloring the sky to a drama. Towers of this city grow twice in height on a specific calmness of the lake. While I keep on solving mysteries on pages of a book.

Thank you to all, so much, who have ordered the Tree House print, or any other, or asked about original paintings or bought them. Everything will be packed and shipped during the next week!

Good-bye summer, was a pleasure to have you here so warm and so sunny. Welcome autumn of yellow, orange, red and violet. I have missed you with the wind, fresh air and sounds of raindrops. Please keep us gently in your arms.

P.s. The postman usually comes very late, irregularly, on Fridays very early. Has long hair and writes nice notes if the letter or parcel does not fit into the mailbox. With a bright blue pen. Obviously against his hand as the note is always wrinkled. Has the same name of one of my dearest friends.


  1. Beautiful photos, and a nice little story about the postman :) (sounds like a sweet man!)

  2. Love the photos and your welcoming of autumn. Autumn is slowly arriving here too and I'm also looking forward to the change of colours it will bring to everything around :)

  3. aw your postman sounds really kind and sweet! :) it'll definitely make anybody's day receiving a little handwritten note from him. x

  4. i just found your blog and like it very much.
    it is to see your hands that often. makes me feel like your showing everything to me :')

  5. your blog just seems to contain everything beautiful in life and I cannot get enough of it.

  6. what a incredible blog you have here!

  7. Thank you so much dear everyone!