Sunday 21 August 2011


Hello dear all,

Hedgehogs and rabbits meet during dusk. Just when the air starts to turn colder, when the air is filled with apple tree scents and grass. They accompany bicycle journeys and walks. Silent snuffling friends.

On Friday I saw a friend painting a portrait of a rabbit, today I painted one too. How wonderful to see other person´s hands working over a big paper, with so secure and smooth quick moves, simple color mixtures. Especially, when I could only sit and watch. Enjoy.

As so many have asked about the Tree House painting, (thank you for liking it!) I decided to make it to a print. You can pre-order it here, it will be shipped starting from the 5th of September. A few other sold out prints will also be back in the shop. They will be shipped from the 5th of September as well. (Prints available at the moment will be shipped in 5 business days as usually if ordered alone, otherwise from the 5th of September.)

Sundays are for jazz. Watching hot air balloons over the lake floating in the sky towards sunset. Reading a bit from here and there. Stretching. And a few brush strokes.

You are all so precious. Thank you for all your kind words.

Have a calm Sunday and a good beginning for a new week.


  1. You make the most adorable illustrations! And I also love your nature pictures... it's always a pleasure to come visit your lovely little blog!

    xx Viola

  2. This bunny is truly adorable! I love it. And so great that you got some tree house prints for pre-order! I hope they will sell like crazy :)

  3. Anna Emilia, työsi ovat ihmeellisen ihania. Painan nimesi ja muutaman kuvistasi mieleeni. Jos minulla joskus on rahaa muuhun taiteeseen, kuin poikieni piirroksiin ja maalauksiin, olet niin listallani. Puumajat ja teehuone metsässä. Ah. Kiitos ihanasta blogista, kauniista kuvista.

    Hope you understand finnish:). ?

  4. A bunny hiding in a flower bush, so nice!

    Good day to you!

  5. Such a sweet little rabbit!
    AND YES...I love that tree house painting.
    Hope you're enjoying the Summer.

  6. Hei!

    Käyn täällä usein ihastelemassa, mutta nyt pitää sanoa jotakin "ääneenkin".
    Sinun työsi ovat kauniita, raikkaita. Olet taitava! Kiitos tästä ihanasta blogstasi myös.

  7. Thank you so much! Kiitos paljon Joola ja Minja!

    Greetings of a cloudy day (what could be nicer for a watercolor painter :) !

  8. I just love your work, and words!

  9. Quirky and fun. It is funny to think about how many people might be painting the same thing you are even on the same day. I had that happen with my sister. I just put a rabbit painting on my blog feel free to hop over and say hi!!

  10. coming to your blog is a bit like looking through a clear glass window to see leaves with sunlight shining on them. your painting is just beautiful!

  11. Love love your work! So happy I found here :)