Monday 14 November 2011


This week it might come, the first snow. Still a hint of orange light, sunset on a clear sky. Some clouds in shape of dancers, in a strong wind.

Last night the Moon was making a hole to the black sky. Which colored thread could have been the nicest to mend it with a needle? Violet probably, light blue too. The lunar maria of the Moon were so visible, if they really were seas I wondered who all were bathing in them.

One morning the winter came. It was drawing frost gardens to all the windows. I blew warm air from my mouth to one of the windows and rubbed a small circle to the ice with my warm hand. All the landscape was covered with a white blanket outside, but gardens on my windows bloomed all the winter through.

Frost Garden on My Window -print is now in the shop, with a few more pictures of it. I wait it to appear on my windows later this week too.

Orange colored Monday greetings, have calm days.


  1. This is so beautiful, and the colours are incredible. Happy winter days to you xx

  2. So beautiful ilustration! Love the theme and the colour!

  3. these colors are so beautiful. stunning work.

  4. this one made me long for your patterns on fabric again, i'd love a cushion cover made of it.

    and to swim in a lunar sea... would be too much, probably.

  5. this is so beautiful. you should get your drawings made into fabrics, I would love a dress made out of them!

  6. wow. so blue and turquoise. i love it! greetings from vienna...

  7. yes, this is how the gardens must look under frost and snow. beautiful!

  8. Beautiful words... a beautiful illustration! Love your work :)

  9. wahoo! so beautiful!! ♡ ♡ ♡

  10. These words are so beautiful to read... And your drawing is so perfect with them.

  11. Pretty, makes me really long for snow:)

  12. What gorgeous thoughts, I am so glad you share your words with us all. This work is so beautiful too. I can imagine it must be so meditative to work in this detail I too some days love to paint detail, and others I am awash with energy and paint boldly across my pages. xx

  13. emaill@aliceadsl.fr17 November 2011 at 19:36

    Superbe !!!

  14. Thank you so much for the beautiful greeting card you sent when Sara was born. I really appreciate it :-)

  15. for an age your illustrations have been a love of mine, but your words reveal another dimension of beauty.

    smitten am i.

  16. Thank you so much everyone, so glad to have you here!

    Dear Turquoise Bird, Thank you (:

    Kiitos kiltti Nova Melina!

    Thank you Anke, the winter has not arrived yet, but days are still pretty. Warm days to you too!

    Dear Denise, I did! Now waiting for more.

    Dear Lespommettesduchat, (:

    Dear Pingos do Céu, Thank you!

    Dear Kitchu, Thank you!

    Dear Sylvi, Thank you! I´ll keep those fabrics on my mind, just not maybe yet… (:

    Dear Hannah, Thank you too (:

    Dear Irene, Greetings to you from Finland.

    Dear Sara, Just need to wait again a bit longer for that.

    Dear WishfulNals, <3

    Dear Lamina, Thank you (:

    Dear Marisa, <3

    Dear Satin and Souffles, Thank you!

    Dear Vanya, Happy if you like it!

    Dear Alma, Happy!

    Dear Kristin, me too, I wait for it.

    Dear Elisheva, Thank you for writing your words here, they make me happy! More energetic wishes for your painting times!

    Merci (:

    Dear Belle, Thank you!

    Dear Astrid, Happy to hear (:

    Dear Withoutwordswouldyouknow (phew!), Thank you so much, it makes me to blush what you say (:

  17. anna, hello to you
    its really charming,
    and a love - by water one