Monday 12 September 2011


Dear all,

The sky and the lake wear the same gray dress today. Wind is collecting the summer greens and hurries them to go hiding. Slowly, but visibly more and more every day. 300 km away from here there were many more yellow leaves during the weekend. Still bicycled with Mum to our summerhouse and swam. A theater play about sea and an island welcomed the earlier dark evenings.

While searching more wool for the colder days, I remembered that I have used wool for other things than clothes too. A small exhibition done in Reykjavík with a small group in 2005. Lovely ladies of handicraft shops gave us bags of small balls of wool. With them we built our own wind with a girl called Nadia. With some red wool I drew a girl so big that she did not completely fit inside. Her hems in the wind. There was a parade outside while we worked. We were locked inside and could only see a bit of the trumpets and drums marching on the street through a window. Later a friend that I had not yet met took a picture of another friend visiting the exhibition. The last picture I found from an old email and it was taken by Þórarinn.

Cold fingers of the autumn are searching their way inside this house. Time to close the balcony door and say bon voyage to the sun traveling further, to the other side. Eager about the new season, the new colors, the new scents and sounds.

Have a calm new week with colors of rowan berries and rose hips (their tastes too).
Hearts, from me to you.

(Third picture by Þórarinn.)


  1. such beautiful wishes for the coming season that i long for and will not reach us here for another month or more at best. your words weave magic.

  2. and you have a wonderful week too sweet Anna.

  3. Have a beautiful week, to you and all your whisperers :)

  4. Hello : ) .. how we wind our ways through all sorts of wonderful creativity... nice to see some of your earlier work. I am as well so delighted you came to visit my blog. xx

  5. Rainy morning greetings to you all with a candle light and cup of orange green tea. Good morning!

  6. Oh! Such pretty hems she has.


  7. Amazing pic the last one ! I love it.

  8. It is by Thorarinn, I like it too (: