Thursday 29 September 2011


The wind and rain outdoors play the most magical instruments. Anything they touch becomes a small echo. Anything they pass, becomes a small note. A cup of tea in left hand, a sketching pen in right one. Light is disappearing, candle flame dances inside shadows. These gray days the colors sleep.

Tiger In A Jar made this beautiful video of a cozy place to spent time, a dinner table. With the first issue of Kinfolk magazine with my painting. Music by Oliver Blank. I think he collects raindrops for his music too.

Silent songs and a little more of apples and that darkest chocolate.

P.s. A small edition of greeting cards is in my shop. A pack of 7 different cards with white envelopes.

(Screenshots from a movie by Tiger In A Jar.)


  1. Thank you Denise, also for your order. I will pack it well and send my greetings to you soon.

  2. I'm so looking forward to receiving my package. Your work is beautiful. You have a gift.

  3. how fitting that your page is illuminated by candlelight. thank you for sharing these links and your words and your work.

  4. Thank you sweet girls!

    Happy weekend greetings!

  5. We loved using your illustration in the video-it is especially beautiful in the candlelight!

  6. beautiful images, beautiful illustrations. so much beautiful here.

  7. That´s how I imagine you most of the time: a cup of tea in the one, a pen in the other hand :)

  8. I like how in your hands the weather becomes a character. And of course, I like greatly the works you create. I am glad I found time to stop by here... thank-you.

  9. Thank you dearly Julie!

    Thank you sweet Katrina (my mother has a shorter version of your name :) !

    Dear Karin, that is quite true, though sometimes also knitting needles (:

    Dear Gracia, and I am glad too, of your sweet words and that you had the time to come here. Now I will pour another cup of tea and see what you have been doing lately. Thank you.