Monday 24 January 2011


Weekend of walking and painting. Walking while colorful beetles are humming on the driveways. Fast beetles in herds, slow lonely ones. One, two, hundreds of all colors (but not so many blue ones). Different minds inside them, listening their rhythm of driving. Through headphones. While snow is crunching under steps. Ice under tires. Snow fences up to tights all over anchoring stone fences, wooden fences, iron fences. Borders of roads and yards, forests and stairs. Sky and earth.

Once again, thank you thousand times for your comments, emails and orders, they mean so much and always surprises me and my busy hands painting.

Happy new week, happy end of January!

Wooden Fence, a painting done in August 2009 in Frankfurt for Lifetime Collective.


  1. So beautiful. Always love your work :-)

  2. Dear Anna,
    beautiful picture! The only thing that comes in mind when I see this pictur is:
    "Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
    — Hans Christian Andersen

  3. That's a beautiful painting. It makes me want to take a walk in the forest.

  4. Wooden Fence, is so nice !
    Make me think it would be a superb curtain theater…
    great as usual ! have a nice week

  5. I'm so in love with your work and I'm very happy I find this blog!


  6. you're the best. i'm so much looking forward to find the wonderful wedding gift in one of my boxes the day i start unpacking, it will look amazing here in berlin :)

  7. I LOVE, love, love birches. This a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for sharing it here.

  8. gorgeous !
    is it also available as a print ?

  9. Thank you dearly everyone!

    Here the first sunrise with the real Mr. Sun is happening in many weeks. A hint of pink and yellow in the horizon and the rest is light blue, a color of a very cold day. But the sun came.

    Dear Valerie, at least now I have no plans to make this as a print, but the original painting is for sale as most of the works of mine (which still weren´t sold).

    Happy day to all in every corner of this world.

  10. What a gorgeous illustration! I love the texture. Happy wednesday :)

  11. I truly don't know which I love more, your beautiful images that both pierce my heart and soothe it, or your words.
    Your words.
    Oh my....your words....

  12. I like your pictures, they are so magic and I feel calm (:
    Thank you!

  13. behind the wooden frame, another way to cons, a cabin, a secret?

  14. done in frankfurt?
    ohhhh, that's where i live :)
    love ur work!