Saturday 23 January 2010


In this ferry sleeps very kind and talented people. If they are not sleeping anymore after a long night, I hope they are watching the darkening horizon sitting on the benches in sauna of the ferry. They are going over Gulf of Bothnia back home. They were playing a concert here last night.

Thank you Johan, Kristoffer, Larisa, André, Daniel and Erik. Thank you very much for the beautiful music and the collaboration (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7). Thank you for dedicating this song to me last night and for the nice moments together. I hope to meet you again very soon.

Thank you Declan de Barra for amazing singing and playing. I really hope you enjoyed being in Finland and all the ice around you.

Thank you Henri, who helped to bring these heart-warming musicians here.

Thank you Pekka, who came to say hello and surprised me from Hämeenlinna.

After meeting you all it felt almost natural to walk home at 4 am and see Northern lights in the sky with snow flakes floating slowly down.


  1. Nice music ! thanks for discovering us !
    Your beautiful picture reminds me of this splendid danish book I have just finished. it is called "Den amerikanske somand" and the writer is Karsten Lund. Maybe it is traducced in Finnish... have a good sunday evening !

  2. Dear Nachrichten aus Wunderland,

    Thank you kindly!


    Dear Anne,

    I am happy if you like them. I am still very much touched of the nice Friday with all of them here.

    I will look if that book is translated into English maybe, thank you for suggesting, I need a new book to read! Have a relaxing Monday evening.

  3. Love finding out about others who draw. Very, very beautiful.

  4. Thank you kindly dear Leo,

    Very nice that you found here. Let´s keep drawing and painting!

    Kindest greetings to Melbourne!