Wednesday 6 January 2010


There was an article about an old gentleman in the newspapers who has kept weather diary for many decades. He has big notebooks where he marks twice a day what his home thermometer says and what is the official weather. In one notebook fits many years and if he travels, he marks the local weather. In those decades he has keeping doing it, he doesn´t see any clues about climate change. The weather changes and winds turn, going around and coming back. Though around 70´s one January sinivuokkos were blooming here. No signs of sinivuokkos yesterday in my neighbors´, the allotment garden.

A hint of lovely winter music by Oliver. Let it make good to you.


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful weather!

  2. My grand father who was a farmer did exactly the same during all his life but he wrote too about harvest, good and bad, sometimes...
    Beautiful pictures, I'm dreaming...

  3. Princesse, nice to meet you, welcome! It has been amazing sunny or completely ice covered foggy days, hopefully all the winters are like this.


    Hopefully you have those writings in a safe place Anne, it could be a big family treasure. (Or a start of a nice book...)

  4. Gorgeous. Just like your whole blog. Happy 2010, let it be full of joy for you and yours:)

  5. Thank you kindly Tiina! Nice to see what you have been baking, I might try some of them transferring them first vegan (:

    Warm wishes for your new year!

  6. I've just seen that you answered me. Many thanks!