Friday 13 November 2009


Brown, red and turquoise on soft cotton paper. Date-almond-coconut-raw chocolate-balls aside. Fallen berry branches on the way to a grocery store. Wishing you a pleasant weekend!


  1. i wish you the same :)
    looks like yours is starting perfectly already.

  2. with that colours around you it can't be really grey. The table is super.

  3. I love your work, really beautiful!
    vero b. (argentina)

  4. The colours remind me of an archipelago... Something very Tove Jansson -like!

    Löysin blogisi toisen blogin kautta sattumalta, taidanpa jäädä seuraamaan!

  5. i hope your weekend was as nice as friday!

  6. Thank you Sandra. It started well and continued the same. Long sleeps what I don´t usually do, but seems that the winter is really closing (:

    Karin, the table is my friend´s, but I have been happy to paint on it. It actually was saved from trashing. I like the blue tone of it. It makes a nice background for painting.

    Thank you dearly Vero. Greetings to all the way to Argentina!

    Kiitos hurjasti Laura! Tervetuloa pieneen sääpäiväkirjaani.

    Hi Monika, it indeed was. Walking, sleeping, cooking, playing backgammon and watching a very beautiful movie. Hopefully yours was nice too! Have also a good Monday!

  7. many pretty things all around, making happy touches on grey day.

  8. oh what a lovely post.
    three beautiful images.
    just found your blog and i'm delighted by what i see.
    your title (about the tea and watercolour water) is so sweet! i do the same from time to time.

  9. I am happy you found here! The watercolor water isn´t that bad after all (: Have a good Wednesday!