Monday 9 November 2009


Peeking behind new corners of the world. Found one big city (London), one lighthouse (Plymouth), one lullabying beach (Bournemouth) and silence with generosity (Brockwood Park School). Thinking of the milk bottles, being vegan while traveling is sometimes a bit of a challenge, but it makes me to see and experience more, it is not only good for my body and mind. It also makes to be grateful for the food we have and wanting to use it in its most nutritious way. Taking small steps towards raw food.

The last day there were many kind people. One gardener making it mystical and simple the same time. While drinking a rose green tea, I think of him in his rose garden raking the fallen red leaves. I wish there is not many rain showers over his garden today.

Hello dear all of you, nice to have you visiting! It makes me happy to read your words.


  1. Oh! Plymouth isn't far from me! Hope you're having a fun time it little England, even in the rainy weather!

  2. These pictures are so sweet and the light is beautiful...

  3. beautiful postcards. i envy your wintery weather :)

  4. Owls go hoot, it was very pleasant time in a new island. Beautiful and kind. Hope to be back soon again.

    Thank you Mandoline.

    Marie, it isn´t here quit yet. But hopefully soon. Greetings!

  5. Sinulla on blogikin, ihanaa! Hienoja kuvia taas. Tervetuloa Suomen lumisäähän, ehkä se jopa pysyy kun on pysynyt jo viikon.

  6. seems like the perfect place to rest your heart and soul at.
    Very beautiful a have to say!

  7. Hei Liivia,
    Kunpa pysyisikin lumisena. Melkein jännittää mille tuntuu hypätä talveen vielä keltaisten ja punaisten lehtipuiden seasta. Tervetuloa tänne pieneen sääpäiväkirjaan.

    Hello Mia Rosa,
    It was very peaceful indeed. Even though it seems that sea rarely rests, but still it makes me to enjoy and relax. Have a good weekend!

  8. bournemouth! i consider it to be my town.. but i live 40 minutes away. i go there several times every week, just to get the sea and the beach.. where i live is land-locked.

    it's nice to know you've been there, and liked it.


  9. Oh, you are lucky to see that view so often. I really liked it!

  10. :)
    i was there again on wednesday, and our recent storms have blown the sand into giant dunes under the pier, and sand all over the promenade. the sea was really angry and grey and raging.. the winds were so strong they practically lifted me off the ground.

  11. Thank you for these greetings dear Donna, I was very happy to read them!

  12. Oh gosh, I am just loving every aspect of your work and this blog. You will have to contribute to Spoonful sometime!!