Friday 3 October 2014


The one who is hiding in colourful leaves and winter flowers walks so silently with its soft paws. The winter flowers are covered in frost, shining in golden sunshine. The forests have turned to yellow, orange and red with their leaves. The sound of forests is rustling of fallen leaves under feet steps. Or paws.

For the ones who are adventurous little nature expeditors.

And for the ones who endlessly see interesting things.

And for even smaller ones that see every little detail.

And for the ones whose paws go from story to story.

For the ones who eagerly learn everyday something new.

For the ones with special occasions.

And for the ones that need to stay very warm, to expedite a little longer.

Winter Bouquet Collection is now available at Jacadi Paris with the Feather Collection with my illustrations. It was very lovely to get your messages and hear that you like the little owl. Hopefully you enjoy this little fox cub too!

Here the days are very colourful in the afternoons and misty in the mornings with frost. Wishing this moment would last a little longer and then the snow would already float and cover everything with its softness and brightness.

Stay warm in the weekend winds!

(All the photos are by Jacadi Paris, the illustration by me.)


  1. Such beautiful clothes! I wish my daughter was still a baby ;)
    Dear Anna Emilia, I come here very often just to look at your photos, at your works and at your world. I'm truly bewitched and when I'm coming here I always feel as if I were sitting at the fireplace with a cup of tea, listening to some beautiful fairy tale. Really. It's so nice and comforting, the way you catch every glimpse of beauty in the world that surrounds all of us. Thank you for that. Warm greetings from Poland :)

    1. Dear Emilia,

      Thank you for your warming greetings from Poland! Wishing you more warmth and more cups of tea for the coming winter.

      Thank you for visiting here!


    2. Oh, thank you. There will be much more tea cups for sure, 'cause I'm an absolute tea-drinker. And with the winter just around the corner... Only tea can save me :)

      Have a nice weekend!

  2. Winter flowers? How nice!
    This sweet fox will be like a friend to the little children!:) I like the clothes - your designs make them tender and beautiful!
    We are first expecting rains and just after that - maybe in December - snow. But right now - a sunny week with 20-23 degrees Celsius, after the last two rainy days.
    Hope you are keeping warm!:)

    1. It was snowing yesterday a little again and this morning the lake had a little bit of ice in the shore.

      Hoping that your rainy weather will be paused for a moment for sunshine!


    2. Not a "moment" - more than a week now! And there are more sunny days to come! We are lucky, I know that...:D

  3. The fox is at least as cute as the little owl! So did it finally snow? Glad to see that you're on instagram - i'll suscribe right away (my username is Aprilfourteenth). Have a warm and cozy evening!

    1. It has been snowing a little bit, but nothing that would stay yet. Still time to bicycle before the icy roads arrive!


  4. Last week at school, one of my little pupils was wearing a jacadi's tee- shirt with one of your illustration on it. I smiled and told her : "oh ! i know the one who drew it ! "