Wednesday 12 December 2012


Powdery snow. Green tea with orange scent. Pancake parties and long walks. The sweet neighbour gentleman making all the snow work, mailboxes always so well cleaned. Just a bit more than one week and the sun starts to rise again. Mid winter and blue light, so beautiful. In sounds, on cheeks, on nose, inside warm woollen socks. Pine tree scent on my balcony. Winter flower blooming inside, purple flower, like the sunsets on wintery cloudy afternoons.

Still time to order gifts from my shop or Garden of A Moon Gazer from here.

A small interview in Beijing Youth Weekly magazine.

Winter shoes calling me for a long walk, sauna heating up. Warm soup and candle light.

Have a sweet calm week!


  1. I need your sweet neighbour gentleman here, we have loads of snow (and my own sweet gentleman travelling again ;)!

    It is lovely that you are getting so much publicity. You well deserve it too.

  2. today in a tram in Poland, Cracow I saw a woman that looked like U! :)

  3. i love winter and you make it sound even more dreamy. i like the layout of that interview page.

  4. have a lovely winter, my dear... it sure looks beautiful!

  5. Would like to read the interview.
    The sun is shining here too, the frozen landscape is amazing. I have to make a long walk very soon.
    Have a very nice winter day:)

  6. I love long winter walks in my winter boots, cozy knit socks and wool coat! Your little winter rhyme is beautiful :)
    Emma x

  7. so, so lovely, creative and heartwarming photos. :)