Friday 16 March 2012


Mornings, so silent, waking up with the light. Noons listening how the ice starts to melt again for once again. Breaking under steps, melting away. Streams around pebbles. A squirrel waits next to a mailbox. It must be the time when they roll their soft tails around new baby squirrels. Nests in fir tree branches swinging in the drama of the spring. (A song about a squirrel, take 1 & 2.)

Afternoons listening to new languages through radios. Reading new finds from the library shelves. Holding that black teacup once again, not always sure which of the green teas would be perfect for this moment. Choosing one called Limão. Taste of a sunny place, where the sun turns skin warm and brown. There is a bit of sleepiness in the air, the lemon taste makes the day fresh again.

Packing orders and a commissioned private painting of two siblings to their mother. Thank you to everyone for being here with me!

Evening for a concert of a favorite trumpet player, a few friends, a nice meal. A good welcome for the weekend.

Warmest thoughts to your weekend, make it a calm one!


  1. dear anna emilia, your paintings are so, so, so, so wonderful, heartwarming & lovely. i´m again and again and again, impressed & touched. lovely, lovely sunny greetings, lotte. :)

  2. there's so much love in this illustration. amazing ♥

  3. I so look forward to your lovely posts. Beautiful, beautiful paintings. Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Such a beautiful painting, as always!


  5. I can feel the peace in here... Lovely lovely paintings! Have a wonderful weekend to you too:)

  6. emaill@aliceadsl.fr16 March 2012 at 19:27

    C'est magnifique.

  7. You are so talented. This is beautiful.

  8. lovely!
    have a wonderful wk too!

  9. So good to know you too visit library shelves.

  10. "..listening to new languages through radios..." this is also one of my secret loves. the sounds the voices make paint their own stories.

    a mid-march evening gift...

    Poem (The spirit likes to dress up...)
    by Mary Oliver

    The spirit
    likes to dress up like this:
    ten fingers,
    ten toes,

    shoulders, and all the rest
    at night
    in the black branches,
    in the morning

    in the blue branches
    of the world.
    It could float, of course,
    but would rather

    plumb rough matter.
    Airy and shapeless thing,
    it needs
    the metaphor of the body,

    lime and appetite,
    the oceanic fluids;
    it needs the body's world,

    and imagination
    and the dark hug of time,
    and tangibility,

    to be understood,
    to be more than pure light
    that burns
    where no one is --

    so it enters us --
    in the morning
    shines from brute comfort
    like a stitch of lightning;

    and at night
    lights up the deep and wondrous
    drownings of the body
    like a star.

  11. This is just too precious. Thanks for sharing Anna...
    Ronnie xo

  12. Oh, such a beautiful and loving painting. I really like!

  13. very beautiful. listening to the snow melting. these illustration of swinging on a branch are gorgeous.
    have a beautiful day!

  14. How adorable, it seems to suit the Spring :)

  15. these are adorable. and always so good to read how you weave words and phrases together. like wreaths or something lovely.

  16. Your paintings re amazing! Unique, calming, poetic.

  17. Oh, beautiful words...
    waking up with the light is magical!
    And the illustration is wonderful, love it.

  18. I really do just adore your work Anna :-)