Tuesday 10 January 2012


A little while ago I was dreaming of a company that would deliver daily amounts of chocolate right to a doorstep. Just a daily amount as it seems that chocolate is something that is just vanishing. Yesterday it became true for a moment. Thank you dear L! Opening a parcel like that is almost like traveling to another country. Feeling of different kind of paper, text and taste. And something handmade, so precious.

On a holiday is also the mother in these illustrations that I painted for Kaksplus magazine (1/2012). An article about having free with and without children.

Under Ice available now as a limited edition print.

Thank you to all of you for your kind words in comments and emails. Sending you some gentle snowflakes from behind my windows.

Winter hearts.


  1. your art is simply gorgeous <3 i love everything you do, so picking only a little something to put on my workspace-wall is truly a mission impossible.

  2. oh so pretty...
    i am wishing those snowflakes to fall on our door step here...but not until i have finished all my chores!

  3. you always create an atmosphere so cozy and feel home in your drawings.

  4. I like the idea of daily chocolate delivery, too, but this service would have to include a mood reader, because there are days when I'm happy with a small sliver of bitter chocolate and other days when I need handfuls of milk chocolate!

  5. So beautiful! Your color palette makes my heart sing. And I love your thoughts on chocolate...

  6. emaill@aliceadsl.fr10 January 2012 at 23:34

    J'adore les chocolats !!!

  7. oh i need that delivery system!
    (and the bikini top in the illustration...)

  8. your illustrations and colour palettes make my heart sing too. simply sweet & adorable.

  9. What a great idea that daily chocolate delivery! Brilliant. I've heard of this monthly or weekly chocolate club where you receive a packet of specially selected and made chocs. That would be a nice one too! :)