Monday 12 December 2011


Snowstorm during the weekend, long walks and red cheeks. Pancakes with tomato salad and chicpea-cashew-coriander-parsley-olive oil-garlic-spread. Or pancakes with buckthorn jelly and oat cream. Slow and long music for snow, silence for the wind. Writing letters and cards in between sketching. In between gazing the snow flakes floating. A few at a time.

Packing orders (and originals). Watching the pine tree on the balcony. Walking more and listening the sound of snow. Small birds all over, eating the last berries from trees and seeds from people. Trying to learn more their names and behavior.

Have a calm Monday, with warmth from me to you.


  1. good evening anna emilia, i really love this artwork of yours, and the white porcelain (?) one looks intriguing! even though it's summer here, i've been listening to '50 words for snow' by kate bush which makes me dream of scandinavia.
    keep warm,

  2. I'll take the calm and peace that I get from looking at these pieces and carry it with me on this chilly Monday. Your work is so detailed and lovely, makes me want to look closer and be there...what I really enjoy about art.
    Be well and merry!

  3. this looks so peaceful...
    a wonderful way of starting the new week.

  4. Your work and words always speak to me...
    Have a lovely week.

  5. your work is beautiful.
    such peaceful words...thank you.x

  6. i love the way you write, always so calm and beautiful.

    i live so far away and yet, for a second, it's like i'm there, watching the birds eat and the snow fall with my own eyes.

    much love,

  7. second picture is sooooo lovely congratulations you're a beuaitufl work!!

  8. Thank you for your calm Monday wishes...I can imagine your life being a wonderful rhythmic flow...very quiet and never rushed...I would like to experience that one day...I do, but it's when I am alone...which is not always.
    Oh, BTW, your drawings and paintings are beautiful!

  9. is that a kind of harrowing on paper in the last photo? what do you do with it?