Saturday 21 May 2011


Do you know how it feels to fly? In sunset the seagulls are covering the streets by the lake and you bicycle. When you reach the seagulls, they arise on their wings and float in the air next to you, accompanying your journey. They sing and it feels like the ground is gone, you only have sky around you and the seagulls as stars or far-away planets hanging in the air. You float too and the air is sweet, warm, and a bit moist of the coming night. That is how I felt last night about flying.

There are apple blossoms everywhere, on the way to anywhere. Bird Cherry is in full bloom too and the wind brings its scent from behind every corner.

Thank you again for your orders. Apple Blossom Meadow -print has been very popular and it feels good to have sent it to all around the world. I never thought it would reach so many homes of yours as I painted it last summer on a rainy day. Thank you so much!

Have a blue skied weekend.


  1. Beautiful as always.
    Love the cat playing in the background :)
    Happy weekend!

  2. beautiful! i love the cat, too. :)
    and the fact that your outfit matches your pretty print so well!

  3. The cat is just genius! I love your photos so much and the illustration is really beautiful. It's nice the prints sell so well.

  4. Hi hi hi! I love the cat!
    And your illustration too, it's framed and in our kitchen, I eat in front of it and find it very, very beautiful :)

  5. the kitty looks like our molly chasing flies :)
    as always, a beautiful post - thank you x

  6. I love reading your blog, it calms me looking at the beautiful photos and artwork :)

  7. My dear friend,
    Here to give you a blossomy greeting and cups of green tea with the taste of Jasmine! :)

  8. The cat just stole that shot!
    Your painting is beautiful.

  9. I fly with my husband...he flies out of planes...pretty Apple blossom...and gorgeous print!
    HAPPY sunny Days Anna!

  10. my favorite are the dreams that i fly.

    your prints are lovely-- it make me happy, too, that they are in homes around the world!

  11. i think i would like to be accompanied by seagulls on a bicycle ride. you make it sound like pure magic. the apple blossoms are beautiful, especially those you painted.

  12. Yksinkertaisesti kaunista. Kaunein tuo sinun pensselisi tuotos!

  13. Droga Anna Emilia,
    I'm very happy, that I've discovered Your wonderfull blog. I love it & following with a GRAET pleasure!
    Pozdrawiam from Kraków, Alicja:)

  14. That painting is so beautiful and that shot of the cat is hilarious! No matter where you are in the world, cats will be cats! x

  15. Dear Everyone,

    Thank you so much! Thank you truly.

    Flora: Happy belated birthday!

    Alicja: Welcome! Thank you for your greetings.

    Gina: (:

  16. a wonderful cat =^.^=
    and beautiful blossoms
    and words too :o)

  17. It seems that your cat is enjoying the time too ;) The painting is so lovely and so fresh.

    Greetings holiday apartment london