Monday 11 January 2010


Strawberries were filled with the sweetness of the sun and they were all around the house. The grass tickled toes while walking to pick a handful or a branch of rhubarb. The water in the forest pond was just perfect to swim and forget the hot air for a few minutes. A few days I was upstairs of my grandparents´ painting a tiger with heterochromia.

Today the postman brought this taste of last summer. It is an album by Lars Ludvig Löfgren and the illustrations are made by me. The originals can be seen here and here.

The winter is still very precious and I want to keep it but it was lovely to feel the summer for a small moment. Happy Monday!

P.s. Here is a review of the cd and a nice compliment of my work, thank you so much!
P.p.s The design is by great Häleri.


  1. Mila, mu daughter, and I, we love your tiger !

  2. And bravo for this new book !

  3. Thank you sweet Anne and Mila (what a beautiful name)! This is not actually a book but a cd (: Thank you anyway!

  4. I realised that just after for the album... It's just because I live in a world of books, so many books... And because in french, an album is too a book with illustrations... Anyway, I will listen the music of The Album !

  5. voi anna, tämä on niin ihana. tuli hyvin paljon kesä ikävä, just huomasin miten paljon rakastan kesää! viime kesänä olin suomessa, nyt haluun takaisin. terkkuja sinulle!

  6. Happy Wednesday Anne,

    I understand that completely. An album in Finnish "albumi" might be a comic novel. Funny are the words.



    Kiitos paljon kun kirjoitit. Missä elelet nyt? Paljon kuuraterkkuja, täällä on kaikki valkoisenaan jo neljättä päivää. Hauskaa keskiviikkoa!

  7. congratulations on the new book!
    it looks delightful.
    the title is so sweet!

  8. Dear Kristi,

    Thank you so much even this isn´t a book but a cd! Have a happy Wednesday!

  9. Are you real? I LOVE your talented.
    I found you yesterday over at Where the Lovely things are...
    You are truly a lovely thing.
    Nice to meet you.
    Your illustrations are gorgeous and words marry so well.
    Have a lovely day Anna Emilia.

  10. Oh...and I do the same...paint with Tea made me smile.

  11. Dearest Char,

    My humblest thank you! I am very happy to meet you too, it made this evening very smiling. Thank you for coming for a visit and for your warming words.

    Sweet dreams Char!

    P.s. It has been long I managed to paint with Water, but today I happened to use some Tea too (:

  12. moi taas! melkein unohin vastata takaisin. mä elelen jenkeissä, oon syntynyt jenkeissä ja asunut koko elämäni jenkeissä, olin vaihtari suomessa. :)

  13. Terveisiä merten yli Jennalle (:

  14. Such a lovely tiger. I'd love an album like this sitting on my shelf.

  15. Dear Danielle,

    I am still smiling because of the greetings from Australia. Thank you so much.

    Have a good February!

  16. Your work is too beautiful - and your blog makes me want to re visit iceland and take a trip to finland too!