Monday 28 December 2009


For two and a half months I was away from my own home because of some renovation work. Yesterday I came back. Good to be at home, even though I think I made a home to every place I stayed even for a while. By sea and surrounded by mountains or middle of lakes, forests and fields.

There was waiting the best Name day gift from sweet Anne. Thank you so much Anne, it is very beautiful! I was so surprised.

The whole day it has been snowing. Many heaps to climb over on the streets. But in the new kitchen is tea boiling all the time. Thank you my special tea hunting agent for sending me some spicy herbal ones over the sea.

How are you? How is the weather there?


  1. mmmh i love this tea drawer! the weather here in austria is too warm for this season...

  2. So much tea! Looks great.

  3. Hei, hoi Anna!

    Missä kotisi nyt sijaitsee? Vieläkö Tampereella? Pitkään aikaan ei ollakaan törmätty, olisi mukavaa, juoda vaikka kupponen teetä ja turista:) Toivottavasti sinulla oli mukava, rauhallinen joulu:)

  4. This blog makes me want to stay inside and drink lots of tea :)

  5. Hello Irene,

    It is good to have a place for all the teas finally. Be well in Austria!



    Thank you!


    Heippa Espe!

    Tässä vielä Iidesjärven ja siirtolapuutarhan välissä oleilen. Eiköhän me taasen törmäillä keskikaupungilla. Hauskaa huomista uuden vuoden aattoa ja sitä seuraavaa kokonaista vuotta!



    That is nice to hear! I share a cup with you (: Have a good New Year!

  6. I'm very happy you finally received the book. french post is very slow during Christmas time and i didn(t know when you would receive it.
    At the moment, I'm in Charente, a nice french région where we cook very well. Here the weather is mild and wet with the sun breakin sometimes.
    Have a happy new year !

  7. hi Anna Emilia,
    I found your web by a nice chance...
    I do like your watercolors specially those with little details. I found your work so delicate and nice.
    i also saw your weather diary, your land and its water are so peaceful, calm, blue...

    my best wishes,


  8. Dear Anne,

    Many greetings to Charente and bon appetit with good food! Have a happy 2010!



    Nice to meet you! Thank you for writing to me.
    Be well and have a good new year!

  9. oh, i also keep my tea in a drawer, you can never have enough!