Wednesday 22 September 2010


Dear Wednesday, dear you,

How are you?

Bicycling under rain showers, wind gusts and very grey clouds. I wonder what those are humming on their way. Where do they start and where do they end. Orange, yellow, red and purple are clothing trees and bushes. Dots of these colors are glued to the streets. Polka dots of leaves. Early mornings are very dark and breakfast can be eaten in a candle light. Sometimes just after the paper woman has dropped the newspaper of the day. Yesterday I asked what the rain does in my shoes on my way in the town. I thought to own the shoes but seems the rain rented them away.

Thank you once again for your comments and emails. They are always a surprise to make me smile.

News of today, Forest Tearoom is a print and available in my shop. A painting from the summer, Apple Blossom Meadow is also available again as a print. Many have also asked about my original paintings. Yes they are also for sale, many are already sold. Please send an email to me if you are interested.

Whispers of the wind and lunctime love,

Anna Emilia


  1. oh wow! i love this! :) i love your posts. they are always so whimsical and dreamy. :) thanks for sharing and being so lovely. :)

  2. Ah, your art and posts here make me smile and feel peaceful.

  3. your words are always so peace and seen to transport me to another place, if only for a couple of minutes.

  4. Dear Kim,

    Thank you for coming for a visit (: Makes me so happy.

    A bit of ginseng tea for you!


    Dear Emma.

    That is so good.

    A cup of the tea to you too!


    Dear Jill,

    Please join you too for a cup of green tea and ginseng (and a salty pie is in the oven, such a late lunch, but lunch it will be anyway).

  5. Dear Anna Emilia, I really love your poetic words. You are always so kind and generous too :) Keep up the wonderful art you are doing:)

  6. Dear Maria,

    I promise! Thank you very very much.

    There is already the second pot of the ginseng tea ready, enough for you too!

  7. your letters & painting fill my heart with the whispers of the wind!!! they make me feel the melody of Autumn!!! sending loveliness

  8. Your images are sooooo beautiful! Happy I found them through Lena Corwin.

    All the best for the weekend.
    Lena Konfettiform.

  9. what a lovely blog you have full of gorgeous work. nice to "meet" another contributor to shash's gorgeous book.

  10. ps-- i just added your blog to the sidebar on my blog, such lovely work you have here. xo.

  11. not very well this morning to answer your question but still a bit better after your creativity and breathed the fresh air blowing near you!

  12. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting the blog. Your illustrations are so lovely and brings to me a nostalgic feeling.

    Glad you dropped by and have a great weekend.

  13. Hi,
    my name is Cristina, i write to you from spain. Some of my works also appear in the Sourcebook of illustration. i want you to know i really love your delicate and sensitive work. Congratulation!

  14. Dear Lavender Breeze,

    Happy that you received the autumn winds. Happy Wednesday!


    Dear Lena,

    Lovely to meet you here. Thank you for writing down your words.


    Dear Katrina,

    Your photos are so very beautiful. Enjoyed them in the book and on your site.

    Cups of tea, morning ones!


    Dear Arrosoir,

    (Is there a single weather diary post without having you making me to smile, thank you so much!)

    Please feel better!


    Dear Linda,

    Thank you for your small visit, thank you for your words!


    Dear Cristina,

    Thank you so much. Wonderful to have you here and inside same book covers. It is a huge book, I still did not reach half of it because I am digesting and enjoying it very slowly, spread by spread.

    Thank you for your visit!

    Cups of tea to everyone.

  15. Awesome work , i would like to know ,how do you get your inspiration?