Tuesday 7 September 2010


Early sunrises with mystical mist. It hides everything, the world ends behind the balcony if being early enough, tiptoeing to wake up with the mist. One can imagine that the balcony is a boat, drifting on an open sea, in an unknown world. Where would it crash?

Stretching while tea water boils. Breakfast of blueberries, raspberries, apples from an apple garden next to a yellow house, and seeds. Bread of my mother. Stretching a bit more and then eating with a huge newspaper on the floor. Mailman is very kind, I never ordered the newspaper.

Painting. Packing books. Having tea in the square market café when dropping the parcels to the post office. Talking about the pollen of bees with a bearded man selling honey in another square market. Another tea in the market hall with a lingonberry-lover-boy and his mother to prolong the visit in the town. The sun shines lower than a few weeks ago and turns everything in copper. Streets filled with chatter again, is it the new season making people happy?

Old work published in a book, finally arrived. A letter from a dear friend is read many many times. Can you see the crocodile under the bear? Hugs to dear both of you U & V, a letter will arrive to you soon.

Hugs to everyone else too, have a happy Tuesday!


  1. oh that morning mist picture, i love it! happy tuesday friend :)

  2. Anna Emilia, such wonderful images...each with lovely details, like also the way you write seems..I love the stickers you use, the misty morning, and oh this bear...this bear made me smile and the crocodile is beautiful too and so is your work in the book. Hope you have a great day dear Anna Emilia

  3. heippa anna.
    on niin kivaa kun jo vähän syksy, vaikka tänään on mukavan kesäistä ja aurinkoa. on jotenkin vaan kivaa aikaa. vaikka meillä ei ole vielä sitä kotia.

    pidän vähän blogitaukoa, mutta palailen sitte. mukavia syyskuun päiviä!

  4. I love, love your website! I struggled so long with my creativity because there are obviously more urgent things to do than doing watercolor paintings. But after visiting your page for the first time I realized if I keep thinking that I may never be able to paint again. Now, I need to find my way back to my own style...
    Thanks so much - I'll come back to this site for sure!
    Greetings from the thuringian forests in Germany.

  5. your photos and words are lovely, as always. it's always good to see a new post by you.

  6. these make me happy :) happy Tuesday to you!

  7. market and unexpected sunshine are often conducive to loosen tongues ... may be your boat in the fog has found a berth in a country where "the other" does not scare you ... nice day

  8. The mist photo and your words together are magical. I love it!

  9. Pakko liittyä usvakuvan hehkuttelukerhoon. Ihana!

  10. Dear Sandra,

    Happy next Tuesday you too! (:

    Dear Maria,

    Smiling here with you, next I will join your walks there!

    Hei kultainen Hanna-matkalainen,

    Kyllä teille koti löytyy ja varmasti mukava. Minäkin pohdiskelen hieman uutta kotia, mutta se on vielä haaveenlainen vain.

    Tervetuloa sitten pian takaisin ja taitaa tulla sulle uudet sivut kanssa, odotan!

    Dear Comen83,

    So happy to have you here. Want to see your paintings (:

    Greetings back to you from by a wooden table (hopefully it has a happy life as a very long tree once in a beautiful forest and then it was hit by too strong winds, why it then became a table).

    Dear Irene,

    Lovely to hear that, I will remember it.

    Dear A Day That is Dessert,

    Happy another Tuesday to you too (:

    Dear Arrosoir,

    It was a calm sail to the worlds of blue and turquoise water, so a very happy one! (:


    Dear Megan,

    Thank you!


    Hei kiltti Essi,

    Mukavaa (: