Sunday 7 February 2010


February is a birthday month. While other layers of watercolors were drying I painted 30 + 31 roses for my friends. (Though now I counted that the 31st rose is missing.)

Today a layer of Payne´s Grey Bluish is drying. For the afternoon it will be a lot of different browns and oranges. That goes well with an afternoon tea or a coffee.

Sunday has a certain end-of-the-week weather today. The horizon is lost between the light grey sky and earth. Dust patterns of snow are flying in the air and the wind is silent. A bit of mist appears. A bit of brown as tree trunks peek from the snow.

How is your Sunday?
I hope you enjoy it.


  1. this sunday is a lazy working day. i'm a home with a piece of delicious cake and a cold coffee. the sun is shining and streets are more silent.
    i'm happy :)

  2. I wish I could be your student. Love to learn more about your style...

    There are little snow flakes in the air here as well.
    I am enjoying my day.

    Happy Sunday Anna Emilia!

  3. Lovely watercolors !
    My sunday was a friends day with a great lunch : Chili con carne with apple pie and good french wine. And just after a long walk in the wind.
    Have a nice sunday evening !

  4. BEAUTIFUL as always...I'm sure the person who is turning 31 will appreciate still being 30!!!
    We went skiing...and have been relaxing in the warmth ever since...painting and updating my Esty Stores!
    HUGS talented one.

  5. täällä on mukavia juttuja, täällä päiväkirjassa. tulee hyvä mieli. hyvää helmiäistä kuuta anna!

  6. Dear Zelda,

    What a good Sunday you had! Today I woke up so early that a second breakfast would be great or at least a piece of delicious cake (:

    Be well Zelda.


    Dear Shokoofeh,

    That makes me to blush with your kindness! It would be lovely to be a teacher sometimes but I wonder if I would have anything to teach in the end: there is just the nature to be observed.

    Happy to hear you got also some snow and the day was a good one.

    Thank you Shokoofeh, have a good Tuesday!


    Dear Anne,

    That sounds very nice day. Apple pie! Maybe I could make a vegan apple pie too today (:

    Here the sun didn´t rise yet, but hopefully you have a sunny Tuesday!


    Dear Char,

    Thank you so much.

    Skiing sounds like a lot of fun! I still didn´t get to cross-country skiing this year, but I will for sure.

    Hugs to you too Char and have a warm Tuesday!


    Kiltti Hanna Päivikki,

    Kiitos hurjan paljon. Minullekin tulee hyvä mieli jos sanot noin!

    Mukavaa kevättalvea Hanna!