Friday 5 February 2010


Days will be warm with this gift from my parents. I was painting with Alizarin crimson when I received it. Indian yellow was the color of the sun when it peeked through clouds for a few moments. I borrowed its color too.

Birds are singing a lot these days. Also the light has changed, it is more white and it reaches further corners of the rooms. I have almost forgotten that there are corners in these rooms, the winter has passed next to the windows.

Have a happy, soft and raspberry jam —scented weekend!


  1. the colours are so delightful! they're perfect for this cold winter.

  2. Thank you kindly dear May.

    It has been a lovely cold winter. Weather which can be felt is much nicer than a weather what one cannot feel.

    Have a good weekend!


    Dearest Shokoofeh,

    That is so nice to hear.
    I smile back to you.

    Be well.

  3. Hei Neiti Nimetön,

    Hauskaa tutustua. Hymyjä!