Thursday 18 February 2010


Straight from bed for a long morning walk in sunrise. Wind´s nests, magpies and crows, rabbit feet patterns on snow, narrow well pounded paths. Clouds of breathing in -17°C. Singing from nearby school, two men swearing on the roofs of allotment garden huts, shoveling snow away.

At home a long breakfast with strawberry-melon-goji-ginger smoothie with seeds and bread. On the table painting series to be continued.

Thank you thousands and twenty-seven times for all your dear and kind wishes for my birthday. It was such a lovely day and evening. Long dinner (I baked also these, but vegan version, very very delicious!) with friends and a surprise of boys playing guitar and singing heart-warming melodies. A few poems and many smiles. A wonderful year began.

Please add a hint of lavender in your green tea today!


Anna Emilia


  1. :-)
    Should I just stop saying that your words always make me smile?


  2. Dearest Shokoofeh,

    Please don´t because every time I can smile too (:
    Like now!

    Crisp frosty hugs.

  3. Anna Emilia...have a glorious you do...I can't wait to see your work finished...such a tease.
    HUGS...snowy ones as it has snowed again.

  4. You too dearest Char,

    Many whiskers of the sun to you!

  5. thanks you so much for your sweet words!
    really in love with the last photo, how lovely. here it is finally getting warmer, hope the same there!

  6. Very much I wish for a new adventures to you both! Actually, I think it is just behind the corner, go and peek :)

    Thank you! It is amazing to wake up for such a light as this morning. But without all the gray days lately it wouldn´t have been worth as much. It is still very cold here and I hope it lasts for a little longer as it is supposed to and then the last week of March everything could melt in a sudden!

    Good night soon dearest Mieke/Veronik!

  7. oh just wonderful are those pictures..

  8. I love the little trails rabbits leave in the snow. I think i will drink the green tea with lavender today. I have a tiny bit growing in the garden but only a tiny bit. So i can't pick too much. Lovely photos.

  9. Thank you dear Schorlemädchen!


    Dearest Danielle,

    There is a big and very urban rabbit living nearby and sometimes late evenings we meet on the narrow paths. One night he was eating the birch tree under my balcony. I followed his jumps for a while in the snow.

    Very lucky you having a garden and a tiny bit of lavender. Hopefully you enjoyed the tea!