Thursday 4 October 2012


Milky sky and yellow leaves. The air is standing, is it the calmness before rain´s hum. Paper piles and someone walking on the roof. Whistling a happy melody in the staircase while hammering. Thank you for the new roof you happy workers!

There might be something almost finished on my floor. Is it really two years already. In those two fitted a lot of things, forgotten piles and many other paintings.

New brush strokes and black narrow lines, cinnamon buns and dreams of the small train trip tomorrow. 

Have a calm weekend, stay warm!

Happy birthday Mom ♥ 


  1. Have a lovely train ride Anna. Cheers to two years in a new place.

  2. What a great news, Anna Emilia! Now, when the work is almost finished, you must be very excited and delighted!:) I suppose just several steps are waiting for you to make till the day you'll hold the book in your hands! YOUR book!:)
    I like to read your posts... So quiet, warm and dreamy!:)
    Have a nice trip!:))

  3. Wow, how beautiful see all your work laid out like that. Congrats on almost being done!!!

  4. I've just returned from the Midwestern United States. The pale yellow leaves were abundant, and my favorite. Enjoy yours. Is it a book you've almost finished?

  5. your life always looks so dreamy... look forward to seeing what these painting are eventually.

  6. Hello~ Anna Emilia!

    I'm a great fan of yours.
    My name is Youlim SEO and I'm Korean.
    Watching your work and feel comfort in mind.
    I always cheer you up.
    I wanted to say gratitude.

    Thank you...

  7. Something very nearly finished. Ah! this is an exciting feeling to hold close.

  8. a new book is so exciting. i can't wait to see it here in italy!

  9. It must be magic to see all the pages spread out before you. Maybe you see things you haven't noticed before? Like how your drawings resemble each other in aspects you had not yet noticed before?
    I wish you all the best with your book.

  10. Thank you! Your house is lovely :)

  11. a hello from Australia and me...HELLO! Peeking at your beautiful blog always puts a smile on my face. Wishing you all good things with your book.You have a special voice through your words and paintings.
    I wait with eagerness......