Friday 27 May 2011


Friday afternoon is for jazz, rhubarb pie and planting an avocado with small leaves into a pot. It is also going through photos of old times, winter and letters received. It is funny how "other" things feel comfortable in this kind of moment. Sun in the rain, rain in the sun. Now as waiting for the rain, it is like in-between everything. Wise man in the radio said this morning that it is not good to long for the past, but it is good to long for the future because of the beautiful memories in the past. It is good to have eaten a piece of rhubarb pie in the past to know that it was good and maybe I can have a small piece more now...? Wishing to share it with you.

There are two new prints in my shop:

In Meadow, Wood sorrel, Forget-Me-Not, Twinflower, Harebell and Meadow Pea are the scent of this small meadow. A few birch tree leaves, a handful of clovers and a gentle summer wind are here.

Bike Caravan, This small house is cleaned from winter´s dust, windows of it have been washed and polished and new carpets put on the floor. Some oil on the gears and chains and the trip with spring can start. Which curvy forest roads will we head to? Smoke from the chimney and laundry drying on the roof, those will be the only signs we leave behind. Every evening a new landscape to fall asleep with.

Both prints are on recycled 300 grams silk matte paper and will be signed by hand. In Meadow is a painting I did just a few weeks ago as an assignment, more about that soon. Bike Caravan is a painting from 2009 for an American clothing store. Hopefully you like them.

Will the rain come? I think to have seen a few drops, and the birds have stopped to fly above the lake.

Have a calm weekend.


  1. mmm i'm dreaming of your rhubarb pie, it's one of my favourite sweets. wish you a fabulous weekend, hugs from berlin.

  2. I love rhubarb, I'm waiting for the two in my garden to grow.. And above all, I love your two prints, both are beautiful..

  3. They are really beautiful!! The detail is gorgeous :)

  4. lovely anna, the words of wisdoms and the pretty botanicals.

  5. my heart feels at peace seeing these and reading your words and imagining a time when we were nomadic, sleeping under the stars in a new place each night.

    i am in love with both of these prints. so beautiful.

  6. This is so beautiful Anna! Very soothing :)

  7. These are so delicate and beautiful! I love the colour of the bike caravan, I would very much like to own one in real life. You're welcome to have some of our rain. Happy weekend!

  8. i am in love.
    in love with ur new prints :)

  9. waiting for rain? here,its been raining a lot..I am waiting for sunshine days now.
    Your drawing is so cute and delicate. I think it is beautiful.
    Do you do that for your job?

  10. Dear Sandra,
    Indeed, sweet and bitter could not be better together. Hopefully you get some pie soon!

    Dear Look a little closer,
    Thank you!

    Dear Ellemme,
    Hopefully your rhubarbs get a lot of water and sun for a continuous harvest! Thank you so much!

    Dear Lamina,
    Thank you!

    Lovely Katie,
    Happy to have you here!

    Dear Kitchu,
    Sleeping under stars, that I will do this summer! Hopefully you too (:

    Dear Marloes,

    Dear Cara,
    Thank you for the rain, it made everything more fresh. I think there is a bit left of that also for today. Good for my brushes and paints.

    Dear Sencillez,
    So happy to hear (:

    Dear Coco,
    Hopefully you get the sun visiting you soon, at least from here it disappeared. Thank you so much! Yes, this is my work that I do. Thank you for visiting here.

    Dear all,
    Happy Sunday to you!

  11. I am dreaming. Can you imagine a life in a bike caravan like yours? I am so grateful for all the opportunities you provide me to dream with my imagination wide open. Carolina

  12. love love looooooove your artwork!!!
    congrats and greetings from Spain,


  13. my goodness....this is so lovely. Congrats again!

  14. These illustrations are beautiful, love all the detail and dreamy colors~

  15. Gosh such lovely drawings, I could hover here for days...

    Sarah -x-