Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Today I hear summer sounds of leaves dancing in the wind, yesterday the noon buses played puddles as piano keys on their way. The day before yesterday the sound was a lonely wind reaching everything it could touch with its long hems.

Blooming sounds has found a new home in a small wooden and glass box and traveled to a new town. Hopefully it plays the best radio tunes there.

Today a postcard was dropped from my mail box, over the seas from United Kingdom. Thank you! It is part of sweet Jill´s Today I Saw project. My postcard traveled back to the island last week, hopefully finding its way already to new hands.

The first orders from my shop were shipped yesterday and already I got a message that one had found its way to a new home, greetings to Helsinki! Kind greetings also to Singapore, where my painting arrived yesterday to a flooding city! Hopefully it is a gentle flood and only whispers on its way.

You all have been so kind with all your messages and orders, thank you so much, I have been smiling very much lately. Just to remind, my shop is still open this week and till the 24th of June before a small summer holiday.

Later this week you will find a small game here, please come back!

It is lunch time with scents of sweet tomatoes, avocado, basil and fresh warm wind on the balcony. My kindest summer greetings to you,

Anna Emilia


  1. Oh I love your patterns, drawings, pictures ...
    Great summer to you...

  2. Hello!
    Recently I have known you and have to say to you that I am delighted with your beautiful work. Your drawings are magic, your words are sweet ... quite beautiful!

    Regards from Spain!

  3. Hei,

    löysin blogiisi hollantilaisen ystäväni kautta. Sinulla on herkkä ja tarkka sivellinjälki, koskettavia töitä kaikkiaan. Kaikkea hyvää sinulle!

    terveisin Kaisa Australiasta

  4. Lovely lovely lovely! what beautiful skies you have behind you too.

  5. so visiting you here...just a calmness and beauty about your work.
    Have a great Wednesday

  6. Lekottelen omenankukkaniitylläni Kokkolassa. Kiitos tuoksuvasta ja havisevasta kuvasta!

    Blogisi on kaunein :)

  7. Your Today I saw...teacup card is wonderful.

  8. Feels like a warm whisper here. Nice.

  9. You are very talented. =)

  10. A perfect menu for lunch was to take the songs of birds in the shade of weeping willows and sweet company ...

  11. Dear L`e dans L`a,

    Thank you so much! Happy summer to you and your four smaller feet too!

    Dear Vestidadedomingo,

    Hello, nice to meet you! Thank you for your warming words! Happy greetings to Spain!

    Hei Kaisa,

    Kiitos terveisistäsi Australiasta, varmasti ihmeellisestä maasta. Mukavaa kun löysit tänne, tule toistekin!

    Keskikesän aurinkoterkkuja!

    Dear Owls Go Hoot,

    It was a sky of a windy day, very pretty to watch while painting.

    Happy day to you!

    Dear Artpixie,

    Thank you!

    Dear Char,

    Thank you again and again (:

    Have a good Thursday!

    Hei Paula,

    Haaveilen apilakuvistasi ja puhallan voikukkasi siemenet ilmaan (:

    Dear Deborah,

    Thank you so much! (:

    Dear Tracy,

    Happy that it reached you! Thank you!

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you so much! (:

    Dear Lulu,

    Thank you! (:

    Dear Arrosoir,

    It sounds like a perfect lunch (:

    Happy Thursday from blue-skied Finland, ready for the Mid Summer.

  12. thank you for my beautiful postcard Anna Emilia:
    it is fabulous:
    glad that mine sailed the seas and came through your letterbox:
    more tea please ^_^
    Dee ☯

  13. Somehow I missed this post in the busyness of it all. Such a beautiful drawing, and Dee's painting was beautiful to - I'm happy I partnered you two up, a good match. I just noticed the picture of your Today I Saw on Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog.