Thursday 12 June 2014


It is the emerald green time of the year. It is a rainy day after many sunny and warm ones. It is a day I heard my voice first time on a radio interview. It is an evening after a wonderful week filled with so much beauty. This was quite wonderful.

The sound of the rain while walking, the poor Mr Crow. The scent of birch trees. The moment when remembering that this won´t last long. The nights that are so bright. The Moon that is almost full. Sauna and a little bit more painting.


  1. As always, your posts are full of poetry, through your pictures and through your writing. It is such a soft and relaxing feeling to browse them.
    I also have to congratulate you for this Mikkeli illustration prize (I guess it is ?), and for the interview as well ! :)
    Your vision of the world is so magic and gives smile on people's lips. Much love :)

  2. Oh how I have this thing for birds... crows fascinate me. Look at his serious expression! Last night at midnight, I stood under a large tree just beyond my front yard and listened to the lone song of a mockingbird- the moon and the crickets were my only other company. It was magical! I hear him again tonight. Apparently mockingbird bachelors are known to sing alone at night to attract a mate :) Amazing to be witness.

  3. poetic & tender... i like what you see through the lens.

  4. Oh... Why is Mr. Crow so sad?

  5. Your summer is so green and full of flowers.. how lovely..everything just toasts to a golden brown here in Australia by mid summer