Thursday, 9 January 2014


It is very unusual to have no snow in January. Some trees are making buds of spring. Some of the migrating birds have not left. It feels strange to discover the landscape in such a long autumn coat. 

Lovely moments with friends from close and far.

The weekend might bring our usual January weather. My skis are ready!

Wishes of snowflakes, have a beautiful day and a calm weekend!

(The same lake house in December 2012.)


  1. Here in Brazil January weather is the opposite. I wished the weather here be like your January weather. ^^

  2. I`m crossing fingers for snow both in Finland and Norway!

  3. Wow, these photos are so beautiful, I love the mood of them! It is not very cold for the time of year here too, but extra rainy!

  4. You are hoping for snow while California hopes for rain. Fingers crossed for both of us.

  5. Hope to see beautiful snowy landscapes in your next post! We don't have snow in Bulgaria, too and in some regions the temperatures reached 12-18 degress C!
    I like the white deer - he looks magical for me!
    I wish you a Year, full of health, adventures and quiet creative moments, Anna Emilia!:))))

  6. here in the UK we are bored of rain rain rain and wind:
    wishing you a happy new year Anna Emilia, with miles of smiles x

  7. Hope you'll get some snow soon. Stockholm got it today. :)

  8. Beautiful photographs! In Michigan we are frozen with lots of snow! Hope your wish comes true.