Tuesday 24 January 2012


Slowly it appears, the winter light. If counting small moments, the days are already a bit longer. Skating and observing new snow covers over the old ones. Every season is my favorite. This early spring-winter is the favorite of this moment. Cold air is so good to breath.

Thank you dear Barbara for the beautiful gift (and the cardigan).

Early spring flower scents of Grape Hyacinth, or pearl lily as it is called in Finnish. On my painting table other flowers are blooming.
Have a calm Tuesday.

(The book and the paper boat in the first and third photo by Barbara.)


  1. hi anna emilia, your photos are nice. i like the atmosphere and the white-blue-milky-feeling, which i get. :) especially the first one with the smarties is nice. i wish you more fine early spring-winter-days, greetz, lotte.:)

  2. These are one of my favorite flowers, so pretty!

  3. aah the light! i love pearl lilies, you inspired me to buy some soon!

  4. Ihanan virkistäviä kuvia, kuin raikkaan ilman henkäys! Kiitos!

  5. And counting small moments is certainly worthwhile.

  6. emaill@aliceadsl.fr24 January 2012 at 22:23

    J'adore la deuxième photo !!! et les smarties

  7. "every season is my favorite"... mine too...
    I so love the way you perceive and experience the world...

    Sweet dreams to your lovely world Anna Emilia, xoxo

  8. the colors in the photos makes me happy : )
    it is freezing cold outside here and i am longing for spring...for planting seeds and to see the nature awakening again...

    thank you for the nice comment some days back. i am so happy for the painting i got for christmas, i love it : )

    wishing you a lovely day,

  9. Your home looks like such a lovely space :)

  10. these fresh, delicate colours bring a little breath of spring into this dark winter day. lovely.

  11. always i find it a joy to come here, to share the parts of your world you choose to show. your images and language paint such a beautiful picture of your inner landscape/self.

    also, to let you know,
    i am impatient for a parcel - which is your book - that my wonder of a boyfriend bought for my birthday

  12. selvästi kevättä ilmassa!

  13. I'd love your calm sort of weather, I'm in the middle of a heatwave and it's so unbearably hot. I'm dreaming of winter with all my heart.

  14. This is a lovely set of photos.

  15. love your paintings & blog. Just added your blog to my favorites. Have a beautiful day xxx

  16. You look so nice with this cardigan!!
    I love the sweet arround the mug!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  17. Anna Emilia,
    your posts are joyful and melancholic at the same time. i like that a lot.
    your flowers always make my day : )

    love from Norway

  18. i just found your blog and i adore it! such lovely images and inspiring words. x