Sunday 29 January 2012


Sunset time with pink and blue. February is making its way here, with colder days. The light is softer, more yellow. Aquarius birthdays to celebrate for the whole month, first ones last night inside frosted windows. A long breakfast with a friend to think about the next ones, and some spring adventures.

Kristen made an interview with me. Her world of names is very interesting.

There is an exhibition with a few of my paintings in Vuojoki mansion in Eurajoki. Till the 28th of February.

Sunday evenings are for music, for reading and for a long walk (and pinched red cheeks).

Have a warm entrance to the new week!


Heippa! Kevättalven retkikohde: Vuojoen kartanolla, Eurajoella, on Kuvittajat ry:n Metsän tuhat tarinaa -näyttely. Siellä on myös muutama minun maalaukseni, 28.2.2012 asti.

Lämpöisiä ajatuksia!


  1. great. I really love this kind of pictures!

  2. Olet ihanin tyttö maailmassa. Piste <3

  3. what a beautiful picture and what delicate bluebells :)
    here in england, it's grey, grey, grey, each and every day *sigh*
    february cannot come quick enough!!

  4. thank you for the exhibition tip!

  5. emaill@aliceadsl.fr29 January 2012 at 23:14

    J'aime beaucoup ces fleurs avec les clochettes qui me font penset au Muguet que je trouve dans ma campagne.

  6. the watercolor is evocative, a lovely interpretation of the grape hyacinth to my eye, darks and lights mingle beautifully

  7. my boyfriend presented me yesterday with a beautifully packaged proof of winter as one of my birthday gifts. the wonder of your work is that it's apparent simplicity reveals an abundance of complexities and truths beneath.

    thank you.
    to you both.

    i wish you a beautiful day, dear anna, and will now allow my curiosity to lead me in following the links you provided in this post...

  8. lovely details.
    happy new week to u!

  9. i loved reading kristens interview with you!

    cold days here too, actually i think today has been the coldest so far this winter. wearing wool from head to toe and drinking lots of warm tea....kind of cosy but i must admit that i am longing for spring. can't wait to do things like:
    start planting, have the window open, hang the laundry outside to dry...

    must admit that i am still moving the sprout print with me around in my house. unable to decide where i shall hang it...want one in each room : )

    wishing you a nice start on the february month,

  10. ihana sun haastattelu! ja "ilon myrsky" onkin niin hieno ajatus. toivon että sun helmikuu alkoi hyvin! :)

  11. your details are beautiful. as your writing . i`m following your links now

    keep warm : )

  12. You have a beautiful blog and shop! I'm glad I found it! Lovely!

  13. what an honor for you. these photos and your work: so beautiful.