Monday 21 November 2011


Good morning, good evening,

On Sunday morning, when waking up, there was something different in the air. The waves of the lake were frozen. Under foot steps the sound was new. The frost had painted the landscape in shiny sparkles, in brittle sounds.

I started to battle against winter because I wanted to be friends with it. Winter was a friend of no-one, it did not ask whether people liked it to blow on their face or from behind their back. I knew winter was around me, and it was just a matter of being a part of it. From my book Proof of Winter.

Have a good warm week, with candle lights.


  1. wonderful anna emilia. Have you read any Roger Deakin books? I think you'd like them. I'm currently reading waterlog. Have a cozy week.

  2. I'd love to spend a winter in your world, it sounds beautiful. Have a good week! :)

  3. You write so beautiful and your artwork is amazing. So nice to visit you here:)

  4. i have been thinking about it for a while... i coulnd`t resist anymore.
    i just bought your book! i am so excited!!!

    big smile from Norway : )

  5. That's such a beautiful picture...
    I love it when the world freezes over,
    and you've captured that magic wonderfully!

    & have a cosy week!

  6. you can be certain that proof of winter will be travelling over land and sea from finland to scotland!

    hoarfrost turns the world into a winterwonderland. beautiful.

  7. Lovely picture! Enjoy the winter, let's cherish it! :)

  8. how stunning - that photo. we feel a very long way from winter magic here in Paris, it's been so warm. but at least the light is magical :) happy week to you, too, and candle lights indeed!

  9. Beautiful words; that is exactly how winter feels.

  10. dear anna emilia, i agree with natalie: it must be so nice, to spend a winter in your world. your paintings, books, words and photos look like so special and when i have a look at them i feel such a special atmosphere. undescribable. it must be a gift to live, feel and see life in the way, you do it. thank you (again) for sharing, lotte.:)

  11. I must admit by the end of a long summer of gardening, I'm ready to hunker down in my studio and bring to life all of those ideas I dreamed about for months...the smell of lanolin off the wool and sitting at my table by lamplight is so have a lovely talent by the way...cheers.

  12. have a lovely warm week too!

  13. I love candlelight, it makes rooms so much cozier. And I like the smell of blown off candles. Have a good week, too!

  14. it's so lovely to see the world through your eyes! have a lovely and warm week too :)

  15. I am allowing winter in this year like never before, lighting candles. They share their light with me and my little M as we traverse the darkness. The freeze hasn't come here yet, I look forward to it, and fire making.
    Little whispers back for your beautiful words. I shall indeed buy a piece of yours one of these chilly days and allow it to warm my heart x

  16. How beautiful the way you describe winter :)
    I keep going on your shop and still get stuck, I'd love to buy one of your prints only I can't decide which one! they are all so beautiful...I wish I could afford them all. I shall decide very soon.

  17. that quote about winter is so lovely <3

  18. Again, you have said it perfectly. Winter truly is a time of "brittle sounds."

    Also, saw your beautiful paintings on Design Sponge-hooray! Glad to see such lovely work being shared with many others.

  19. battling against winter - that's so true. but no chance to escape:)

  20. U too, it is a beautiful time. Looking forward to start preparing for Christmas this weekend:)

  21. Hi Anna! I've just discovered your blog and love it. I'll keep visiting to see how's the winter is coming along :)

  22. Your writing is gorgeous, Proof of Winter sounds like such a beautiful book, and along with the art - I'm swooning!

  23. Dear Jill, Thank you for telling me about this author. It looks very interesting. I try to see if I find something in my hands…

    Dear Natalie, Still the winter did not stay, but I´ll surely tell you more about it when it arrives. Have a good new week you too (:

    Dear Line Katrin, Happy to have you here!

    Dear Demie, Big smile back to Norway, hopefully the book soon arrives to you!

    Dear Pilli Pilli, Have a good new week you too <3

    Dear Withoutwordswouldyouknow, Greetings to Scotland!

    Dear Marloes, Happy winter to you too.

    Dear Lola, Hopefully the frost arrives soon again!

    Dear Abigail, Paris must be on its best in autumn time. Missing that place a bit.

    Dear Samantha, Happy if you think so!

    Dear Lotte, Thank you so much for that paragraph of warmth. I do my best to continue. Thank you for coming here and being part of this place.

    Dear Kerry, Happy studio times!

    Dear Anne, Thank you!

    Dear Irene, That is very true. A small flame makes a home.

    Dear Indra, Thank you for your lovely words. Greeting to you to Frankfurt (?).

    Dear Elisheva, Wishing you many warm days inside, being together and enjoying the darker days. They are pretty, even the light disappears for a while.

    Dear Alessandra, Thank you (:

    Dear Sharks Keep Moving (hopefully not that close to Scandivania and the lakes in here…), Thank you, happy if you like it!

    Dear Julie, Thank you for your kind words once again! Still thinking that portrait of yours. So magical.

    Dear Люцерна, Happy if you think so too! It might be possible to escape to South, but still the winter would not leave me - I would think about it endlessly and miss it so much. Better to be a friend of winter.

    Dear Kristin, Oh, that is very early! (:

    Dear Ana, Thank you! Today the winter is still somewhere hiding, but I am sure that it will happen soon. If not tomorrow, then after two weeks (:

    Dear Vanisha, (:

  24. these photos are so beautiful, anna emilia! it looks crispy cold where you are. here it is very windy but it is quite a warm wind.
    i love that painting you did. so beautiful!

  25. Thank you dear Melissa.

    Here a storm is happening, slowing down. In other cities it came down as snow, we got rain. Now the sun is rising, it will be a beautiful day.