Friday, 7 October 2011


Last week a beautiful book was waiting in the post office, on a sunny day, bicycling. The book is The New Artisans by Olivier Dupon, published by Thames & Hudson. It is a collection of artists that do with their hands what they love. So honored to be part of it. Susie Cowie, Siba Sahabi, just to make a curtsey to a few of my favorites on the same pages.

A train ticket in my pocket, going to heat sauna and bake pizza for the weekend. Strong winds, they warn. Have a safe and calm weekend! Hearts to your sweet words!

(The book cover image in the first photo by Puddin'head. Picture in the third photo on the left upper corner by Atsuko Ishii.)


  1. Kuulut niin kauniiseen kirjaan. Onnittelut!

  2. You're growing popular, little pixie! ;-)

  3. that looks super, Anna Emilia.

  4. I'm waiting for it... I've bought it to amazon... I'm very impatient... Have a beautiful weekend...

  5. oh, you're in it too? So wonderful... now I want it even more. :=)

  6. That's great! Congratulations! :-)

  7. i love and appreciate what you new artisans do... it inspires me and gives me somehow hope for the future. in a world where everything is "made in china" is just uplifting to know some people out there are working the way you do : )

  8. 1. Congratulations !
    2. This book looks very very interesting !

  9. Onnea! Hienoa, ja varsin ansaittua että olet kirjassa. Juuri kukaan ei piirrä kauniimmin. Kivaa viikonloppua! :)

  10. warm congratulations xxx

    i will be wishing for this book for my birthday in december :o)

  11. what an honor, so happy for you!

  12. congratulations & so well deserved !
    the book looks beautiful
    ... and it will be available on amazon france ! yeah !

  13. it looks like a lovely book. congratulations to your lovely work!

  14. What a sweet idea for a book. Looks like an amazing book and your pages in it look beautiful!

  15. so gorgeous!!!!! i love your work and photos so much!

  16. warmest congratulations!

    i am going to hint about this book for my birthday ;o)

    your work is so lovely.. i particularly like it's gentleness

  17. Congratulations to you. What a great book to be a part of... bravo! I am most happy for you.

  18. Adorable book indeed.
    Have a great weekend!

  19. so beautiful - congratulations! i'll definitely seek this lovely book out :)

    Happy weekend. Happy pizza.

  20. Kiitos hurjasti Joola!

    Thank you dearly Veronica!

    That is my work, not me Alex (: "Little pixie", that made me so smiling (:

    Lovely t hear dear Karin!

    Dear Julie, hopefully it arrives soon!

    Thank you dearly Lotte!

    Dear Denise, it has many beautiful things inside, I am so happy to be part of it.

    Dear Naa, happy reading!

    Thank you dearly Claudia!

    Dear Demie, thank you for your words, they are precious. (:

    Thank you Irene!

    Dear Home Collection, 1. Thank you! 2. Happy to hear!

    Kiitos hurjasti Nova Melina! Ihana kuulla.

    Thank you dear Paola!

    Dear Poppy Pink, Thank you so much! And congratulations to you in December!

    Thank you so much Petra!

    Thank you dearly Kitchu!

    Merci Valerie! Olivier Dupon, who made this book is from France (:

    Thank you dearly Katrina!

    Thank you Lissa!

    Kiitos Samantha!

    Merci Gini! Love to you too!

    Dear 森, Thank you so much! Congratulations for your birthday!

    Thank you dear Gracia! Thank you so much.

    Thank you, hopefully you had a lovely weekend you too Kristin!

    Thank you dearly Abigail! Happy Sunday! Happy ginger tea!

    Thank you dear Amanda!

  21. I'm so in love with your work!