Tuesday 2 August 2011


From strawberry bushes to blueberry bushes. To raspberry bushes. Drying leaves for tea. Own onions, herbs. Freezer filled also with mushrooms. Always in between a morning or an evening swim. Small trips by boat or a kayak. A water bird diving under while paddling. This morning a rooster sang the morning melodies from the other side of the lake. Hello August!

P.s. Dear L, was so lovely to meet you & have that warm promenade. Hopefully soon again!


  1. I had my head in a gooseberry bush today!

  2. whenever i read your posts i feel totally transported. its refreshing.

  3. I find such peace in these larger bodies of water. It seems you do as well.

  4. Enjoy August - it's so beautiful where you are.

  5. Dear Merja, Those I still need to find!

    Dear Carissa, So happy to hear (:

    Dear Angela, It has been lovely summer indeed.

    Dear Denise, That is very true. Now the lake behind my window is very still, like a mirror. It is good to wake up with it.

    Dear Amanda, Thank you! Warm greetings to you!

    Dear Shokoofeh, Happy August to you too sweet girl!

    Dear Irene, Thank you, I will. Hopefully you too! They say it will rain today. I don´t believe that as the sky is bright blue.

    Dear Ciara, The silence in the lakes is. And the slow moves by a boat or a kayak makes it very magical.