Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Radio plays an unknown language. The language has a name but it does not matter. How the language that I do not understand sounds like? Trying to imagine how the mouth looks like of the person who is speaking. How the eyes open and close and how the tongue makes the sounds. How the eyes move with different words. Or actually I do not know what is a word or a sentence in this language. It is just lows and highs and very rarely some flat tunes. Breaks of sudden. It sounds a bit like some other language or maybe more like the other. But surely the person who is talking now has the most enchanting voice. Music. Echoed with the sounds of melting snow.

3x3, Three By Three Illustration Directory with the painting Heterochromia. (Left page image by Katrina Kopeloff.)

Warm cloudy day greetings to all dear you.


  1. Unknown languages have their mystery.

    Camila F.

  2. again - so lovely! the bikehouse in your last post was my childhood dream, i always wished for a tiny cabin to take along... in case you want to play along - i´ve tagged you on my blog. warm evening greetings...

  3. the first picture looks like you were drawing one globe of wishes, colours treasures! beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much the sweet you all!

    Dear Anna, I keep the game in my mind and tell you if I play along!

  5. "Radio plays an unknown language. The language has a name but it does not matter." Oh yes! I like how you describe this curious sensation... and your tiger man too. Beautiful work, always beautiful and intriguing work.