Monday 18 October 2010


A childhood scenery. A house that I passed every morning on the way to school. It was a long way and all the children in the neighborhood got a taxi ride. There was a lot of time to wait in the crossroad before the taxi gathered us all. No lampposts, winter mornings were cold and dark alone. Always waiting when the two roaring lights would appear from behind the forest curves.

The house I passed every morning and afternoon is my old neighbor house and there were two boys, twins, who I babysat for 10 years. Last December I painted as a commission their house and the boys as children in their beloved wellingtons. Fetching logs to keep the house warm on a frosty morning. Wellingtons which they loved on cold winter or hot summer days. Inside their grandmother would butter a bread and cut it in cubes with a knife and give it to their beautiful first dog, Kipi, piece by piece, staring and giving each others time enough.

Have a good late morning, and a good new week!


  1. It is so nice!
    Beautiful reminiscences

  2. Huomenta Anna Emilia!
    I really enjoy the way you are writing.. it is so poetical way of writing.. every word by word illustrates so nice what you are soul wants to give.. the same feeling for your paintings..and drawings are well:)
    Be always so kind and wonderful!

  3. really wonderful painting. i love those red wooden houses. happy week to you!

  4. I discovered your blog recently, and it's really a pleasure. I love all your work, and this feeling of knowing you since always,is wonderfull, thank you.

    •And I love Finland, Spitz and the falling snow!!

  5. What a beautiful memory you've captured! The deep red house looks so warm and solid against the delicate blues of winter, like it would banish any chill after log collecting.

  6. I love this piece, and I love your work. This blog is so beautiful :)

  7. .. although I left a comment earlier..

    I come back to say that your blog and your art work.. and words are source of innocence for me.. and a reminder that if we want to be truelly happy, we have to find our innocence inside our soul.. You, Anna Emilia, are following this, I can see :-)

    Warm regards, Maria

  8. Finnish Spitz in one of my favorite dogs.
    Your illustration is so beautiful, as always.

    I am having my cup of coffee in hand and reading your blog, it feels good. xo

  9. What a stunning picture. Breath-taking. Enjoy your week Anna Emilia x

  10. I can't wait until you turn this painting into a children's book - it will be beautiful. The painting is magical. Carolina

  11. I also have memories of the trip home from school, and even today I enjoy lighted windows at night, all lives as we interact without sharing it intrigues me and I am curious .. .

  12. Dear Anna Emilia, I remember as a kid that I was my dream to live in one of those houses I knew from the Astrid Lindgren books my grandmother was reading out to me. Now after seeing this, I would love to live in this house :) it is so pretty...and looks so quiet and calm

  13. beautifully written. and that lovely! i adore the red and the stepping stones and the different trees. thanks for sharing this!

    xo Alison

  14. this is so perfectly beautiful and perfectly suited for what's in my head right now.. been thinking and dreaming of building a wooden house in the forest.

  15. Dear Vestidadedomingo,

    Last weekend I got to visit this house again and it is so beautiful all that is inside it. Also, this painting was hanging there on a wall framed beautifully. It s funny to see own works in homes of other people, but making me very honored.

    Thank you for your words!

    Hyvää huomenta Maria,

    Oh thank you ever so much. Only, I need to read your words and I already want to paint more. A promise!

    Be well Maria!

    Dear Jana,

    Now that I get to think of it, there aren´t too many red houses in my small village (my home is far from the real village center, so we call the place we live in a village too). A yellow, a vanilla, a red, a white, a red, a white, a red and a white house before this one and our yellow house when going all the way through the forest road towards home.

    Happy week to you too!

    Dear Laetita Benat,

    Happy to have you here!

    Today it is foggy and I need to enjoy staying inside as I got a bit sick. Or is it the same fog outside that fills my head and makes me to shiver. But a slow day with little painting if possible and a lot of tea surely makes me better with long naps in between.

    Have a good day!

    Dear Amy,

    There are many many memories of this house and all the surrounding areas. It is lovely to slowly collect them here to be remembered better.

    Stay warm!

    Dear Keia Kato-Berndt,

    Thank you so much! I like your name, it sounds a bit like "Leija", "a kite" in Finnish.

    Gentle winds (:

    Dear Maria,

    So beautiful thoughts! Warmest warmest thoughts to you!

    Dear Shokoofeh,

    Thank you for having your coffee here with me (:


    Dear Jill,

    Happy that you like it! Breath slowly, the frost air outside feels cold in lungs, but very refreshing (:

    Enjoy your day!

    Dear Carolina,

    I promise to work hard in the future (:

    Dear Sandra,

    I wonder what things you have seen on your way. Red balloons, cats on their afternoon nap, dogs having meetings in crossroads. Old man buying a baguette for his lunch. Mmmm. Such special things!

    Dear Maria,

    You had to have very special moments with your grandmother. Wishing that our grandmothers would still read books like those to us. But maybe we can start to read those books to our grandmothers or someone else instead (:

    Dear Alison,

    Glad that you liked it and wrote it also down (:

    Dear Denise,

    Thank you! The neighbor, mother to the twins in the picture, told me just on Sunday how she had a small vegetable field next to their old house, in the exact place where this their new house is now. One day she was working there and it looked so interesting to me and my brother (being very tiny those days) that we wanted to come along. Those days everything was shouted out loud, my mother asked shouting if it was all right for her having us there too. These days they call each others, even it is just a very short way to walk.

    Dear Donna,

    In my mind too, but maybe I need to wait still a little while for a wooden house like this (: Good luck with your dreams!

  16. This is so beautiful! Both the picture and the story. I really do love your work.