Monday 25 October 2010


A painting by me, a painting by the nature. The first one is a book cover illustration, the second one was laying in the bottom of my father´s rowing boat as we lifted it higher on the shore yesterday at the summer house. The summer house has started to snore under a slight layer of snow. Have a good winter´s sleep summerhouse!

The radio host said good night a long time ago.

Stay warm, good night!


  1. Oh, that ice! So beautiful. Glad to hear you've tucked your summerhouse in for a long winter's sleep.

  2. Your post reminds me of the end of The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. It's such a nice little book.

  3. Your illustration is wonderful! And the ice "picture" is so pretty. Nature often leaves pretty pieces of art, but we don't always see it.

  4. Hej, Anna Emilia,
    you are busy as a bee! Wonderful, your illustrations - also that linden leafs in ice you have found.
    Ariane from Hamburg/Germany

  5. oh, sorry - leafs of birch, right?!

  6. i feel cosy, reading your blog, a cup of green tea in hand.

  7. BOth are great work.
    Thanks for sharing,I love your work.

  8. naturally beutiful I say (for both creations!)

  9. maalauksesi on IHANA! niin yksinkertainen, mutta todella kaunis ja rauhaisa ja...en tiedä mitä, rakastan sitä!

  10. ahhh, this is so lovely! everything you show and explain is beautiful.

  11. Dear Ren,

    Thank you!

    Dear Maggie,

    It sleeps there in deep dream I hope. A bit of squirrels running around, birds knocking on the window. Wind brushing its stairs. The lakes still very alive running with its waves.

    Dear Denise,

    That must be. Wondering, if I ever read it. Maybe! Now that I am sick for the second day, I have watched the Japanese animation series about her dear little Moomin family. They are hilarious, even not always so original to the books.

    Dear Char,

    Happy so! (:

    Dear Jacilyn,

    Indeed, first I thought that the ice painting is piece of plastic and went to fetch it away from the shore before understanding what it really was. I left it on the shore, maybe it melt now or the waves washed it away.

    Dear Ariane,

    Greetings to you to Hamburg!

    Leaves of birch and I think some of them also leaves of alder (at least the biggest one). And pine needles!

    Hoping to be busy also today, but seems I am still sick. But any moment my head is cleared from the fog I will be back at my painting table!

    Grüsse to Hamburg!

    Dear Caterine,

    Happy so! Having my after lunch tea with you!

    Dear Keetee,

    Thank you! Happy to have you here visiting!

    Dear Lotte,


    Dear Alessandra,


    Hei Katja-raitapaitainen,

    Kiitos hurjasti! Mukavaa kun piipahdit!

    Dear Jane,

    Thank you!

    Dear Amba,

    Glad that you liked it! Cowboys must be afraid of snow (during weekend I watched a wonderful Western movie and thought of that cowboy of your sisters).

    Good day/night!

    Dear Yaroslav,


    Dear Melissa,

    Thank you, thank you! BEst greetings to your spring and lovely embroideries!

  12. So so so beautiful Anna Emilia! I found your site while browsing through Anna Bond's (Rifle) website.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ana Victoria

  13. Thank you dear Ana. Happy that you found here! I promise to work hard in the future!

    Have a good Thursday!

  14. Emilia, I would like to know more about this illustration, because it used to be a wonderful oak tree forest here in Burgundy France, where I live. UNfortunately, they decided to cut it the past 50 years to plant awful "sapins" (dont know the word in english and so there is one remaining oak tree, because it is very old they decided to leave it, but it's dying in the middle of this awful "sapins douglas" forest, not enough light for him. Your illustration just remind me of that.

  15. Pine Tree... It came back to me, sapin is pine tree

  16. they are both lovely. your writing? just as much.

  17. Thank you dearly Ciara (:


    Dear Christine,

    This apple tree is a symbol for Ingria, where the Ingrians were forced to leave their homes behind. After wars some areas stayed empty and a forest started to take over. In some places apple trees are still growing as a sign of an old yard and a home of someone before it was demolished in the war.

    Thank you for telling me your story. It is good that you still have the memory of that oak tree forest.


    Dear Kitchu,

    Thank you so much (:

  18. you need not worry, you and nature are artists who can hear!