Friday 7 May 2010


Greetings from a train going to the eastern Finland!

Sitting by and watching the landscape to change from woods to fields, from lakes to tunnels, from sun to clouds. From yellow houses to red ones, from curvy forest roads to highways. From small villages to towns with modern stations. The window next to me frames everything and shows a lovely movie (I wonder what could be the subtitles for all this). Trees growing to the same direction, bent by the wind. Secret forest paths and huts in solitude. It always feels like places which are not meant to be seen. Train just passes everything.

What is best about small train trips? Provisions for me of course. Some bread and juice, and a small triangle of dark chocolate. Always tastes better than at home. Happy lunch time!

These flowers are for mothers and grandmothers this Sunday!
Happy weekend dear all of you!


  1. This is a lovely post. I love taking trains to and just looking out of the window watching the landscapes passing by.
    Have a very good weekend !

  2. Anna Emilia. These flowers truly feel like mothers. I will show them to my mom and tell her that these are beautiful as she is. Light pink as she is. With lots of branches to hold somebody as she does.

    Thank you!
    Oh and I love train trips so much. You're right, the window frames everything in the most artistic way.


  3. Anna Emilia, what beautiful words again..I like train trips a lot.I enjoy so much this way of travelling..just two more weeks and I will visit dear friends in Copenhagen and a 5 hours train trip will bring me there..I can't wait to see the landscape flying by...and having my little lunch with me in my rucksack..Have a lovely weekend...

  4. so beauuuuuuuutiful

    happy happy weekend, dear lovely anna


  5. these flowers may be embroidered on fine linen sheets ...
    nice week end to you

  6. toivottavasti oli/on mukavaa siellä matkalla! ainakin sinun tuliaiset olivat hienoja. junassa on niin kivaa. me lähdetään lauantaina bussilla matkaamaan ja se mua vähän jännittää. öisiä bussireissuja. sitä ennen yritän olla ahkera.

    hyvää toukokuista viikkoa!

  7. Dear Lotte,

    Thank you! Nice to hear that you also enjoy train journeys. Hopefully they make you as relaxed as me (one of the deepest dreams I find in trains :)

    Have a good new weekend!


    Dearest Shokoofeh,

    Hopefully she liked them! I am very honored if you did so (:

    Hopefully you get to make a train trip soon!



    Sounds wonderful dear Maria,

    That is the beginning for you bigger journey I guess! (: I became hungry when reading your words about your little lunch in your rucksack!

    Have a very good end for this week!


    Dear Oly,

    Thank you so much!

    Happy happy end for your week too and congratulations to your new home!



    Dear Arrosoir,

    I wish it would happen! (:

    Happy weekend to you too!


    Voi Hanna Päivikki,

    Mitähän kaikkea olet matkallanne kokenutkaan!

    Täällä oli eilen kuuma päivä, jätskiä syötiin Laukontorilla istuen. Koivut vihertyvät silmissä, sävy käy koko ajan hienosta hieman tummemmaksi. Nyt se aurinko alkoi paistaa tällekin päivälle!

    Kunpa sielläkin, mukavia hetkiä!